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Get Started!

Now is the Time to Just Get Started on That New Idea or Project

Peter Messana's headshoot
By Peter Messana - CEO

It’s time to Get Started! 

We’re all coming off the holidays and have just entered a new year. It is the perfect time to just do it., Just get started on that project or idea you had.

While I am not a big “new year resolution” kind of person, I am a big fan of full resets, and using fiscal year turnover time is the perfect time to make that change you have been thinking about. It is possible you don’t have the quota, budget, or full approval. But, rather than waiting, get started before that precious time passes by.

Often those waiting for some sort of approval or whatnot turn into passive people. Consider this scenario, you want to replace your Search and Merchandising tools but you don’t have the budget approved. You are waiting for approval to get started. Once started, the process will take you three months to select a provider, then another three months to implement, so the minimum is six months. Now, you are waiting for approval which ends up taking three months. You are now looking at nine months until you reap the benefits. If you had started the initial process while waiting for that budget to be approved you would pick up three precious months of positive ROI.

There are countless other scenarios, this one just was easy for me to articulate for some obvious reasons.

So, why wait? Are you worried you will never get the approval and the preliminary work will be wasted? That is possible but if the project is either to increase revenue or reduce cost, that initial work will actually help you get the project approved or validated. Returning to your boss with “I know we tabled this decision, I did some preliminary work and this project will have X impact on our business” can often force the decision.

From my experience, leaders (including me) say no to a lot of things because the person requesting hasn’t really convinced anyone of the real benefits. Good-sounding ideas are cool, but ideas with real dollars tied to them are much better.

Now is the time to just get started on that new idea or project.