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Blog Writing is Fun

Last week I wrote about when someone gets to the point of sending a cancel email but doesn't really want to cancel and many were confused by the post.

Blog writing is fun. I pick and choose some random topics from time to time and write weekly. Last week I asked one of our Account Managers for a topic to write about. I typically like to keep it relevant and solicit topics if nothing is coming off the top of my head. He told me I should write about when someone gets to the point of sending a cancel email but doesn’t really want to cancel.

I latched onto the idea, I have been that person. You get to the point you are just angry and want someone to listen. It was a great topic to write about – so I thought.

Turns out many of you were confused by the post. I love getting replies to my blogs and many were compelled to respond to this particular one. I generally get a handful or two each sent, but these responses weren’t what I expected.


These three responses summarize the type of confusion caused:

“Did you mean to send this to customers? This looks like an internal email.”

“I don’t want to cancel. I hope you didn’t think I wanted to cancel my account.”

“You wrote this after my email to your company and this is verbatim my email.”


To clear up the confusion, this was most definitely an external email and was meant to shed light on the problem when you get to the point that you want to cancel, but don’t really want to cancel. It wasn’t directed at any specific customer and I certainly didn’t plagiarize. We can call it just a bad choice of blogs or maybe the tact I took with the topic.

I do appreciate everyone that reads my blogs and especially love those that reply to them. I am not stopping my weekly writing, but I probably won’t write about cancelling again. But don’t look for me to stop writing about general thought leadership – I like to mix it in with ecommerce and technology topics.

If you have any blogs or topics that you would like to hear my opinion on, send them my way. I can write for days about retail and ecommerce and I am full of opinions.