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Fail fast and publicly

Why you should fail fast and publicly

Many of my blogs start on LinkedIn, either through a conversation with someone or by a post I make that… Read more »

How to create a mission statement

Don’t turn your mission statement into a word salad

When I joined Searchspring, I set out to understand the employees and the company. One of the first things I… Read more »

Minimal Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) vs NVP

Everyone that has ever been in technology and around building products has heard Minimum Viable Product (MVP). For those that… Read more »

Don’t optimize your marketing channels!

There I said the unthinkable, don’t optimize your marketing channels. Having spent almost 20 years in retail, before my current… Read more »


Fallacy – DTC will make more money

Earlier last week I saw a post on Linkedin about how Direct to Consumer (DTC) owns the data and you… Read more »

Firing is never easy

Firing is never easy but it is necessary

In a prior blog, I talked about turnover, mostly from quitting or where you are forced to fire someone, but… Read more »

ecommerce recovery

Time to step on the gas

There was a great retail pause, Covid caused retailers to let off the gas. What was the future going to… Read more »

UX Conversions Ecommerce

Don’t kill your conversions with bad UX

The whole world has been thrust into ecommerce faster than anyone anticipated, and unfortunately, most companies are nowhere near ready… Read more »


How to hire amazing people

A recent reader of my blog articles said, “I was surprised by the non-retail business topics”. For those just joining,… Read more »

Omnichannel retail

Go beyond omnichannel to deliver omni-shopping

There is so much conversation around omnichannel and/or multichannel retail. Many out there speak of omnichannel but are really just… Read more »

Employee turnover

Turnover: the good, the bad, the ugly

Turnover is inevitable. Recently, we passed the one-year mark since Searchspring was purchased by Scaleworks and I was brought in… Read more »

Brand community

How to build a community around your brand

Building a company isn’t just about selling a product, it takes a lot more than that to compete with the… Read more »

Searchspring boosts personalization engine with 4-Tell acquisition. Click here for more details!