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We’ve learned a lot about ecommerce in our 10+ years in the industry. Learn how you can improve your store with quick tips and exclusive insights.

Online Retail

So You Want to be an Online Retailer in 2020?

Times have changed. Having personally launched an online retailer in 2005, I can honestly say that it would be much… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of the Nextopia and Searchspring Merger

Today’s announcement of the Searchspring and Nextopia merger marks a new beginning in the ecommerce space, but the path that… Read more »

Searchspring & Nextopia Join Forces: From the Desk of Our CEO

“The best online experience is one where the site is an experience, where it has a voice and a story,… Read more »

Our Top Product Discoverability Strategies

We’ve been watching and learning from our customers over the past ten years. In this short and sweet guide, we… Read more »

illustration of a checklist

Our CEO’s Holiday Prep Checklist

The Holiday season is easily the most stressful time of the year for retailers. It’s the time when doing a… Read more »

Cyberweek: Facts & Strategies You Need to Know

Each year, we like to provide a breakdown of our performance over the course of Cyberweekend. Obviously, for most of… Read more »

27 Ecommerce Optimization Tips

A list of over 25 critical optimization tips for ecommerce retailers in 2019. Optimization is a huge topic. Conversions, marketing funnels, search engine stuff, you need all of it.

How the Experts Optimize Category Navigation in Ecommerce

This guide is designed to help online retailers to optimize their category navigation, making it easier for shoppers to find… Read more »

Tips & Tricks from Your Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to your… well… success, and they’re always here to answer your questions via phone… Read more »

7 eCommerce Site Issues that are Killing Your Conversion Rate

Guest post by Rachel Hobble, Marketing Specialist at Virid Selling is the ultimate conversion goal for an eCommerce site, but… Read more »

From the Desk of Our CEO: Our view of online retail in mid-2019

The state of retail has been frequently described as ‘dead’ or ‘dying’ in 2019. Amazon has disrupted online retailers to… Read more »

How to Leverage Content in Ecommerce

Content in ecommerce is often neglected. Questions about its importance come up frequently, and for good reason. It can take… Read more »

2018 By-the-Numbers

2018 is officially over, and our customers have seen some of the best numbers ever. We also worked hard to… Read more »

Ecommerce Site Search: How it Works and Why It’s Not Good Enough

Online shopping is becoming more difficult for shoppers as more products and options are available than ever before. People now… Read more »

Searchspring has merged with Nextopia!!! Click here for all the details!