When Sideshow implemented Searchspring's merchandising solutions and features they saw their best year ever.

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“Searchspring provides Sideshow the ability to easily surface our most relevant products, highlight item availability, showcase promotions, and quickly assign landing pages for our unique needs. Our core audience are passionate about comics, movies, and television – creating an experience that mimics that same passion allows us to build deeper relationships and improve overall conversions.”

Chris Pirrotta
VP Marketing

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The Brand

Sideshow sells collectible art figures and prints relating to comic books, superhero films, literature, and more. For over 25 years, Sideshow has connected people with their favorite characters and icons from pop culture. Throughout the years, they have evolved into a specialty manufacturer and distributor of the most sought-after collectibles in the world. With an unmatched passion for quality and authenticity, Sideshow partners with Hollywood filmmakers and special effects houses to ensure they are providing the very best and most authentic products to collectors. 

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The Challenges

Sideshow specializes in creating one-of-a-kind models, making product findability and relevancy incredibly important. Their native platform wasn’t providing the amount of control they desired to merchandise products accordingly. Because their products are especially rare and not mass-produced, they have an elevated need to control messaging around products that are out of stock, waitlisted, coming soon, and on sale. They also expressed the need to create custom landing pages for featured products and flash sales.

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The Solutions

Using their own data, Sideshow implemented Searchspring’s boost and sort filters to ensure that the most relevant products show up on search results pages. They make use of Searchspring features such as inline banners to help advertise sales and landing pages for flash sales and special promotions. They also implemented Searchspring’s easy-to-use merchandising and marketing campaigns.

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The Results

After implementing Searchspring solutions, Sideshow saw its best Black Friday ever in 2021. In addition to record-breaking revenue, the Sideshow team now has the ability to make quick and easy changes to their site, leaving more bandwidth for creativity, collaboration, and innovation to better reach their customers.

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