Monwell uses Searchspring to streamline its internal merchandising strategies while offering a personalized online shopping experience for its consumers.

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“As a trusted partner of 5874 Commerce for several years, Searchspring has been an instrumental part of many of our client’s successes. Our focus on creating beautifully designed, user-friendly, and fully customizable ecommerce websites, aligns perfectly with Searchspring’s mission; delivering the ultimate shopper experience that puts merchandisers in control.”

Rupert Cross
Chief Digital Officer, 5874 Commerce

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The Brand

Founded in 2016, Monwell manages ecommerce stores for some of the UK’s biggest media brands like The Guardian BookshopEnjoy Books More!Mail Bookshop, and The TLS Shop. Working closely with publishers, suppliers, and media partners, Monwell ensures its sites are tailored to reflect each publication’s brand and content. 

Initially specializing in books, Monwell currently sources a range of high-quality, ethically produced goods for their ecommerce sites, including mugs, kitchenware, stationery, and clothing. 

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The Partner

5874 Commerce is an award-winning digital agency based in the heart of Birmingham. By focusing on design and working hand-in-hand with their clients, they create innovative, sustainable marketing that enhances the brand experience and user engagement. 

With over 10 years of experience working on BigCommerce projects, 5874 Commerce has collaborated on over 350 builds, becoming one of the most experienced agencies globally.

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The Challenges

Looking for a solution to their platform setup with Magento, Monwell teamed up with 5874 Commerce to find a scalable solution that would allow for customization with ease. 5874 Commerce knew that BigCommerce offered the flexibility needed to meet their requirements. 

The large-scale project included re-platforming 4 domains, along with providing full customization and front-end freedom for the Monwell sites when it came to editing and building out pages.

With the vast product catalogs for each site, Monwell needed a way to streamline their internal merchandising strategies, while offering a personalized shopping experience for their consumers.

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The Solutions

“With vast product catalogs on all four domains, having the ability to display and arrange products in a way that just made sense for shoppers and for their sites, was a huge win for Monwell”, said Rupert Cross, CDO at 5874 Commerce.

“Recommending Searchspring’s advanced merchandising and intelligent recommendations solutions for Monwell was a no-brainer.” 

Rupert Cross
CDO, 5874 Commerce

During development, the teams at 5874 Commerce and Searchspring got creative and worked together to build a custom widget directly into BigCommerce’s Page Builder. The widget helps Monwell leverage easy deployment on the front-end, giving the brand the ability to utilize Searchspring’s Personalized Recommendations throughout their ecommerce sites. 

This takes the guesswork out of determining which products to display to their shoppers. Instead, they can rely on Searchspring’s powerful AI models to recommend best sellers and offer tailored suggestions based on behavior. 

In the first year after implementing Searchspring across their four domains, Monwell’s sites experienced an average of six times higher conversion rates from shoppers who used site search. They also saw a 34% increase in overall revenue attributed to search, while shoppers who used search spent 7x more than shoppers who did not. 

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The Results

In the first year after implementing Searchspring, Monwell’s stores experienced an average of:

  • 34% of overall revenue was attributed to search
  • 6x higher conversion rates from shoppers who used search
  • 7x higher revenue per visit from shoppers who used search

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