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Lux Bond & Green partnered with Searchspring, Trellis, and BigCommerce, to reduce manual processes and deliver an enhanced online experience.

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Higher Revenue Per Visit From Search


Higher Conversion Rate From Search


Overall Revenue Attributed to Search During their First Holiday Season

“What I appreciated most about working with Searchspring on the website, was the easy implementation process facilitated by Searchspring’s team of experts. Their robust support team is always quick to implement our feedback, helping to better support our shared clients.”

Joey Hoer
Business Systems Analyst, Trellis

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The Brand

For over a century, Lux Bond & Green has been dedicated to offering truly extraordinary diamonds, jewelry, watches, and gifts. Their reputation for exceptional customer service, fabulous values, and an extraordinary collection of brands and selections set them apart from the rest.

Old-world charm and modern technology coupled with a truly enjoyable shopping experience is a cornerstone of Lux Bond & Green.

Today, the fourth generation of the Green family leads the company, its ecommerce site, and seven brick-and-mortar locations throughout New England.

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The Partner

Trellis is a full-service digital agency specializing in ecommerce services for businesses of all sizes. They focus on data-driven strategies to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for industry-leading B2C and B2B brands. Trellis partners with its clients, supporting them with an in-house business analyst, technical, and marketing team that helps with ongoing site improvements, allowing brands to grow their customer base.

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The Challenges

Just like the jewelry business itself, Lux Bond & Green’s website was completely homegrown and custom developed. They were also leveraging a separate ERP solution for product data. However, these two systems did not communicate which created unnecessary friction for their team. 

Also, since their site was fully custom, making any updates or improvements was nearly impossible. This also meant their team lacked total control over merchandising and site navigation. With the current solutions, internal processes were manual and extremely cumbersome.

Knowing it was time to make a change, Lux Bond & Green partnered with Trellis to help revolutionize their ecommerce strategy, infrastructure, and user experience.

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The Solutions

As part of Lux Bond & Green’s digital transformation, Trellis re-imagined & designed their customer journey & site UX, and delivered an infrastructure that is manageable, flexible, and scalable ready for future growth and improvements. 

After some strategic conversations, they decided that BigCommerce would be the optimal ecommerce platform to house their new online storefront. As a part of the redesign and re-platform to BigCommerce, Trellis recommended Searchspring to the Lux Bond & Green team for its advanced search and merchandising capabilities.

Product discovery is a crucial part of the online shopping journey. Lux Bond & Green added custom filtering options that align with shopper priorities, such as brand, price, metal type, and stone shape. They also use grouped synonyms to ensure that shoppers searching for ‘tennis bracelet’ and ‘diamond tennis bracelet’ will always be shown the same set of results.

To streamline the merchandising process, boost rules are applied to promote products across the entire site. Based on their business goals and objectives, Lux Bond & Green’s team also utilizes the capability to pin products on search and landing pages, controlling the exact order that products are shown.

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The Results

During their first holiday season after implementing Searchspring on their new BigCommerce storefront, Lux Bond & Green’s site experienced:

  • 45% of overall revenue was attributed to search
  • 4.1x higher conversion rate from shoppers who use search
  • 5.6x higher revenue per visit from search

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