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Ecommerce Tips & Tricks from Your Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to your… well… success, and they’re always here to answer your questions via phone or email. But they don’t always get to speak to many of you as much as they would like. This article is full of the most important ecommerce tips and tricks from your CS team.

#1 Review your Filters Report

ecommerce tips and tricks website filters

In most cases, we find that the best practice is to order your filters on your search results and category pages based on their usage. In the Filters Report, you can find out which filters are the most popular. If your most popular filter is not at the top, consider moving it there to make shopping easier and more relevant. You can sort, and customize your filter groups under Search Customizations > Faceting in the Searchspring Management Console (pictured below).

searchspring's filters customization ecommerce tips and tricks

#2 Review your Zero Results Search Report

searchspring's zero results report

Are customers searching for items that you don’t carry? Are they searching for items you do carry, but using keywords that don’t appear in your product data? In either case, you can use synonyms or use our merchandising tools to direct them to a set of products that will suit their needs. For example, if they’re searching for “brown slacks” and are getting zero results, you can create a synonym that directs search for “slacks” to “pants”. In addition, if you have our merchandising tools, you can create a custom landing page with a curated selection of relevant products.

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#3 Review your campaigns

Is your global merchandising campaign set-up based on your business logic? For example, maybe you want to promote products based on newness, and sales data. Maybe you want to promote products that are associated with a certain season. Your Customer Success Manager can help ensure that you’re using boost rules correctly to accomplish your goals.

#4 Review your synonyms

Are the terms included in grouped synonyms really synonymous? These terms have a direct impact on what your customers see when they search on your site and if set-up incorrectly they can have negative consequences. For example, if you have a grouped synonym set-up for “hats, jackets, and scarves” anytime someone searches for “hats” they will see all your jackets and scarves. This is a common issue that hurts the relevancy of your search. If you are looking for guidance on how to use synonyms properly, contact your Customer Success Manager for personalized advice.