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We’ve all done it before. Scrolled through review after review for a product we’re considering purchasing online. When we can’t see, touch, or smell a product, how can we make an informed decision? 

It’s no surprise that ratings and reviews have become one of the top factors impacting online purchasing decisions today. In fact, 93% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product. It’s safe to say, shoppers are looking for social proof in the buying journey. In today’s competitive landscape, brands that feature customer feedback on their site will stand out. 

Besides establishing trust, driving conversions, and decreasing return rates, ecommerce reviews offer another opportunity for retailers. The Searchspring and PowerReviews integration gives online retailers the ability to amplify their merchandising strategy with product reviews. 

  • Allows shoppers to easily view highly rated products with star ratings on your site’s product results
  • Offers the ability to sort search results by star rating so the highest rated products appear first
  • Enhances the filtering and faceting options on the search page to view products with a specific star rating
  • Shows highly-rated products at the top of search and category pages with merchandising boost rules

3Rivers Archery 

3Rivers Archery is the World’s largest supplier of traditional and primitive archery gear. With over 250 years of archery experience among their team, they aim to provide their customers with the highest level of customer service. With a quick phone call or browse of their site, 3Rivers Archery customers have access to expert advice so they can make informed decisions.

In need of a robust search and navigation tool, 3Rivers implemented Searchspring in 2020 to enhance the shopper experience. With Searchspring’s and PowerReviews’ solutions, 3Rivers Archery began to use ecommerce reviews in their merchandising strategies. 

Capturing product reviews, displaying customer feedback, and building trust with their shoppers has been a huge win for 3Rivers Archery. Because of the two solutions, 3Rivers Archery was able to provide shoppers with the ability to sort products by the highest rating. The integration also added the feature of viewing star ratings on search and category pages, and filtering search results by star rating.


As a result, 3Rivers Archery’s site search generated impressive results year over year; 

  • 5x higher revenue per visit with search
  • 39% of online revenue attributed to search

Creating a Better Shopper Experience

In today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape, building trust and authenticity with consumers is important for ecommerce brands. Product reviews can decrease return rates by addressing common customer questions and concerns, and reassures shoppers that a product meets their expectations. 

Integrating ecommerce reviews into a merchandising strategy quickly and easily gets the right products, in front of the right customer, at the right time. Ensuring shoppers can find exactly what they want, with reviews to aid the purchase decision, helps drive more conversions and increase average order value. 

Interested in learning more about how Searchspring and PowerReviews work together to help your brand? Check out this integration guide for more information. 

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This blog is a guest post written by our friends and partners at PowerReviews.

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