Ecommerce Review: Father’s Day 2022

When it comes to buying Father’s Day gifts, is it true that most of us opt for a nice pair of socks at the last minute? We delved into the site search data from our customer websites to find out. Read on for Father’s Day 2022 ecommerce insights, including what shoppers searched for, when they began shopping, and how retailers can optimize their merchandising strategy accordingly. 

What Did Shoppers Search For? When?

Searches for “Father’s Day” peaked on June 16 and 17 this year, while “Father’s Day Gifts” was searched most on June 14. “Gifts for Men” had a slightly lower search volume, and peaked later – the day before Father’s Day. 

What can we learn from these search patterns? Father’s Day is something of a last-minute shopping event and the majority of shoppers begin their search for the perfect gift less than a week before the big day. However, a small contingent of shoppers are more prepared, as a small volume of relevant search queries began to emerge in late May. 

When it comes to the most popular Father’s Day gifts, BBQs, grills, and golf all featured heavily in hobby-related search terms. Clothing items also continue to be a reliable choice, as men’s shorts, polos, ties, and socks all saw a jump in searches in the two weeks preceding Father’s Day:

  • “Men’s shorts” increased 78%
  • “BBQ” increased 23%
  • “Polo” increased 20%
  • “Tie” increased 17%
  • “Golf” increased 13%
  • “Grill” increased 10%
  • “Men’s socks” increased 5%

3 Father’s Day Merchandising Lessons

So, what do these insights mean for your merchandising strategy next Father’s Day?

1. Cater for Father’s Day Search Terms 

Make sure that searches for “Father’s Day,” “Gifts for Men,” and other similar terms all land on a relevant set of products. Ideally, you should have a specially merchandised category or landing page dedicated to recommended gifts, so shoppers can find something suitable with ease. Remember, shoppers may be unfamiliar with your site or products if they’re buying a gift for someone else. To simplify their search, consider adding a product finder feature or gift buying guide. Filters that narrow down results by specific criteria such as budget, styles, brands, and colors can also be helpful. 

2. Prepare Early, But Expect Last Minute Purchases

While some shoppers prepare for Father’s Day well in advance, many leave it until a few days before the big day to do their shopping. Encourage early purchases in the lead up to Father’s Day with email reminders and banners highlighting this year’s date, and make sure to mention any final shipping deadlines. Closer to the time, leverage banners and badges to highlight products that are available for express shipping or in-store pickup, and equip shoppers to filter for these results specifically. 

3. Make Hyper-Relevant Product Recommendations 

Shoppers who search for terms like “golf” in the lead up to Father’s Day may not necessarily be avid golfers themselves. Likewise, they may have a vague idea of the type of BBQ that their Dad uses, and be on the lookout for something to complete his existing kit. Use product recommendations to surface complementary accessories and similar results as shoppers browse unfamiliar products. By displaying highly relevant suggestions, you can replicate the guidance of an in-store assistant, and help your customers find the perfect gift without the need for in-depth knowledge or repetitive searches. 


Merchandise for Father’s Day Success

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other key date in your customers’ shopping calendar, simple tweaks to your merchandising can have a big impact. Always start with your shopper and work backwards. Your ecommerce reports are a valuable source of insights on what your customers search for, when they start shopping, and how they prefer to browse. Use this data to your advantage when planning your seasonal merchandising strategies. Want to learn more about how you can drive site-wide merchandising campaigns and personalized product recommendations? Get in touch.

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