A Better Experience With Better Search

It’s true that native ecommerce platforms already have site search baked in. However, there are times these platforms need a little assistance from a third party to deliver a meaningful shopper experience.

5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Search Needs an Upgrade

5. Make Your Search Think Logically 

The problem with search is that it doesn’t think logically. It simply isn’t as smart as it could be. That’s why there’s something called Semantic Search. Semantic ecommerce search looks at subtleties in a search query to classify and group products. In just a few milliseconds it breaks apart words in a query to identify product categories and attributes. This process makes sure shoppers are taken to the right products and not just products loosely related to their search.

4. Implement Awesome Search Features

If you want to step up your search game and convert more sales, there are lots of features available. It’s important to research what is out there and figure out what will have the biggest impact on your ecommerce site. Remember: not all features are created equal.

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