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Ecommerce Features

Every feature you need to sell more – smarter – easier

Get the tools you need to enhance the shopping experience. Intelligent automation everywhere, control where you need it.

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A search bar that enhances your store’s UI and functionality

Analysis of product information to determine what kind of product it is — for example, determining the difference between “shirt dress” and “dress shirt”

Our capability to determine customer search intent and context, with features like measurement detection, character recognition, product typing, and more…

Search preview gives you under-the-hood visibility into how the Searchspring algorithm works. See how products are ranked and why.

We look at the most popular search queries on your site and suggest any of those that partially match the user’s current search.

We suggest any products with names or SKUs that partially match the user’s current search.

A module that pops up when a user starts typing in the search box, and helps the user to find what they’re looking for in real time with product and search suggestions along with faceting options.

Words that are tied to other words to make search results come back for products that might not have one of the words in its searchable data, such as “bathing suit” = “swim suit”

Words or phrases that, when searched, will cause the browser to redirect to a different page instead of showing results. Such as “returns” redirecting to the return policy page instead of displaying product results.

Keep and leverage the custom logic you already have, like pricing rules, inventory displays, badges, banners, etc… If you have it, you keep it.

Alternative query suggestions that show up at the top of a search results page. Most often found on zero-result pages.

Show something other than “No results found” such as a landing page for all your best sellers, a redirect to another page, or some other custom content.

Define which pieces of your products can be searched to help direct customers to what’s important to them.

A word replacement on the search that happens before the actual search, changing what the original search is. Good to use for common typos.

We intelligently push 10 products to the top of the results for your 5,000 most popular search terms, based on shopper engagement on each search.

The automatic searching of alternative variations on a word, usually for pluralizations. Example: searching “dress” also looks for “dresses” automatically.

Searching for partial matches that are only 1-2 letters off from the search, also referred to as fuzzy search.

Order the showing of products based on how their data matches compared to your predefined rules, such as, showing new products first and sort those by highest margin.

HTML and CSS styling that adapts search functionality to best functionality and ease of use on mobile devices.

We handle the integration process for you. From data audit to going live, it’s all on us. We’ll match your look-and-feel exactly, retain your custom logic, and any other special features you’ve built out. If you have it, we make sure you keep it.

Merchandising tools that make both you and your shoppers happy.

Dynamic re-ordering of products based on how their data matches against rules. Can be applied globally or on specific campaigns.

The merchandising tool which provides merchants the ability to completely customize how specific search pages look and behave.

Interface that allows you to drag products in a grid to the positions you want them to be in.

Pin a large list of products in an exact desired order from a copy-pasted list of products.

Override the facets on a category page to re-organize them – Such as showing “Color” before “Size”.

Create custom pages made from a completely hand-picked listing of products.

Set a date/time range when the campaign should take effect.

Hide facets on a specific category page that you don’t want to show up, so shoppers can focus on the ones that matter there.

Set up campaigns that take affect in multiple shopper scenarios and/or in complex shopper scenarios. One campaign can show a banner in multiple categories & searches.

Products that have been specifically hidden from appearing on a product listing page, such as temporarily discontinued products.

A better navigation makes for a better shopping experience

Display the facets you want on any listing page and re-organize them to suit your needs.

Customize the options you give shoppers and allow them to hard sort products by price, date, size, and more.

Multi-select, grid boxes, palette options, sliders, and image as facets. Virtually no limits to your displayable facet options.

Giving you the power to have your facet fields dynamically ordered depending on the context of the shopper’s page.

We won’t show a facet if there are not any values for it in the current product set.

Only show facets with the most products that have values for that facet, and order facets by those with the most applicable products.

Drag and drop any pinned facets to show up in the exact order you’d like shoppers to see.

Pinned Facets will show up at the top of the facet list in the exact order you have selected. These facets can be dragged around to re-order them as you’d like.

Critical insights into how your shoppers are shopping

Insights & reporting data is available in the management console dating back to 2 years from the current date.

Gives you a broad overview of Searchspring request activity. Break down which queries came from shoppers, search engines, or a custom group of IP addresses set by you.

The Zero-Results report gives you a comprehensive view into the instances where someone searches for something on your store and no products are found.

The feature that falls back to a loose search only when there are zero results for the original search is called Automatic Search Downgrade, and the Popular Searches w/ Secondary Matches report shows how often that occurs on your site.

Identifies the most commonly occurring words across searches in your store. This can help you gain a more general feel for what kinds of things people typically look for on your site.

See which filters and which filter-values are being most used by your shoppers across your site

Shows you what your shoppers are sorting products by after performing a search or navigating a category page.

Shows which suggestions were shown for which searches, and how many per day were made.

Can be used to find out how much traffic your store is getting as a result of people clicking on a search result in a search engine (such as Google).

Shows you how many key interactions shoppers have had in your store, effectively giving you an overview of your site’s conversion funnel on a day-to-day basis.

High level and granular views of how products are performing, how shoppers interact with your products, and suggested action steps.

An even more advanced breakdown of an individual product’s performance.

You can use this report to analyze how shoppers are interacting with the various Searchspring-powered category pages on your site, and you can take action directly from this report.

Search Insights utilizes Searchspring’s search tracking data, while also analyzing some supplemental Google Analytics data to present important metrics breakdowns for searches performed on your site.

Shows you how much each Searchspring feature contributes to purchases made by customers.

Product discovery tools that keep your shoppers engaged

Show shoppers products that are similar to the item they’re currently viewing based on what other shoppers have viewed in conjunction with this product.

Show shoppers complimentary products that others have purchased alongside the products they have in their cart.

Help customers find what they are looking for through a series of questions, or easy to use facets. Perfect for automotive, beauty, home decor and fashion sites.

Ask questions that are designed to filter shoppers down to a narrow but appropriate range of choices.

An intuitive dashboard with robust and easy to use controls

A high-level overview of your site’s connectivity status, and reports that provide visualizations & breakdowns of your site’s search performance

Shows the synchronization status of your store’s product data and Searchspring. We typically update your index every 24 hours automatically. However, if you want to update sooner you can do so here.

Manually override how products are ordered on any results page with an easy to use visual editor.

Utilize input fields for precise control and adjustments. No more guessing with vague sliders.

Adding and promoting products is more of a breeze than ever with our improved Add Products interface. In addition to using a search box to find and add any product you’d like to your campaign or landing page, we’ve added in-line facet search boxes as well. You can filter by any metric you need to find products by different metrics to promote, instead of only finding them by name.

Already have a list of product SKUs you’d like to promote to the top of a campaign? Now you can paste the list directly into the Bulk Import tool in Visual Merchandising for quick and easy merchandising of your pre-determined list of products from other sources.

No more accidentally creating campaigns that overlap each other. Any conflict detected will display a notification that not only shows you which other campaign is conflicting and how, but aids in guiding you how to resolve these conflicts.

The first thing you see when going to Visual Merchandising is a page to navigate all campaigns on your site. Here you can organize all your campaigns, see what they’re doing, go to edit existing campaigns, and make new ones.

Rearrange, add, remove, manage filters, adjust sorts, control order… everything you could ever need to do with your facets, you now have the control to do so.

The dashboard shows you a broad overview of your site’s search performance, conveniently visualized in easy to digest metrics.

A quick view into the status of your store’s three most important data connections: Indexing, Google Analytics, and IntelliSuggest.

Search Insights utilizes Searchspring’s search tracking data, while also analyzing some supplemental Google Analytics data to present important metrics breakdowns for searches performed on your site.

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!