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Wildfang Case Study

Platform: Magento | Industry: Apparel & Fashion

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“The way to win in ecommerce is with an extremely personalized journey, and Searchspring gives you the ability to do that.”

Emma Mcilroy

CEO of Wildfang

Wildfang ceo


Wildfang is a female-founded clothing company that sets out to create “a home for badass women everywhere”.

With a strong focus on a woman’s right to be and wear whatever she wants, the brand is best known for its signature ‘Wild Feminist’ collection, workwear, and button-ups.

The customer is at the heart of every aspect of the Wildfang brand, and nowhere is this more pronounced than on their ecommerce store. The copy is bold, the images are attention-grabbing, and the models are diverse. Every step of the shopping experience reflects Wildfang’s mission to build a community that their shoppers can belong to.

As a self-described “omnichannel, direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand”, Wildfang’s greatest challenge is creating a seamless, end-to-end shopping experience that is personalized to the individual shopper. That, and differentiation.

wildfang challenges


Online search and merchandising have always played a part in Wildfang’s ecommerce strategy.

“We’ve always been well aware of which factors are likely to affect conversions. Search is your lowest hanging fruit. It’s the highest-converting traffic, so even a small increase in search usage is going to dramatically impact revenue,” says Emma.

“In terms of merchandising, we focused on a number of key factors, including price point, color, in-stock availability, newness, and categories.”

However, managing all of these aspects of the site was a highly manual process that demanded time and resources. As a small team, this wasn’t an option. What’s more, the speed at which the team could update and adjust the site ultimately affected how quickly and easily shoppers could find the right products.

how searchspring solutions helped wildfang


Control, scalability, and dynamic updates are three of the key benefits of Searchspring, according to Hayley Forsyth, Digital Marketing Manager at Wildfang.

By automating product results based on factors like stock levels and popularity, the Wildfang team has gained more time to focus on other priorities, and customers are enjoying a more intuitive shopping experience.

“Depending on what rules we have in place, as soon as a certain item becomes more popular and more of a revenue-driver, it’s going to automatically move up in our pages. Likewise, if an item starts to run low on inventory, it automatically moves down. Having control over those rules, and which ones are most important to our business metrics and KPIs at any given time, has had a huge impact… Also, having all of the analytics built into the platform itself has streamlined the process, for sure.”

wildfang results after using searchspring


In the first four months of using Searchspring:

  • Wildfang’s search conversion rate increased by 24%
  • Search revenue per visit grew by 17%
  • Overall revenue from search grew by 9%, while the percentage of shoppers using search remained constant
  • Shoppers who used search were four times more likely to convert than those who didn’t

So what’s next for Wildfang? “You’ll see us really invest in a faster, frictionless experience that’s mobile-driven. Searchspring will be a big part of that for us.”

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Searchspring boosts personalization engine with 4-Tell acquisition. Click here for more details!