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Merchandise in real time

What used to take your dev team an hour, can now be done in minutes. No code required.

It used to take your dev team an hour

Now you can do it in minutes.

Automating search and category pages

Merchandise your entire store, without code

Your developers’ priorities probably don’t include moving products around and putting up banner images (if you even have developers, that is). What if your merchandising and marketing teams had the freedom to do that on their own, in minutes? With a platform interface that’s this intuitive, anyone on your team can jump right in.

Apply boost rules for ecommerce merchandising

Automate the tedious parts of your job

Lots of tools create more work. Not this one. Searchspring’s boost rules dynamically promote products based on nearly any criteria. Best sellers, high margin items, popular brands… anything you want. Need to hide the items that aren’t selling? No problem. Display products precisely where you want them with drag-and-drop controls.

campaign landing page for ecommerce merchandising

Invest as much or as little time as you want

Nobody likes inefficiency. Whether you’re a big team, small team, or one-person team, Searchspring’s solutions can be tailored to suit your in-house resources and the size of your product catalog. One person can do it all, without it taking up their entire day.

ecommerce reporting and insights

Analyze, improve, repeat

Gain a better understanding of your shoppers with a built-in dashboard for reporting and insights. Learn from your data, track product performance, and deftly optimize your site in response. Your ecommerce store has never been so agile.

Think it sounds good now? Wait ‘til you see it in action.

Depending on what rules we have in place, as soon as a certain item becomes more popular and more of a revenue-driver, it’s going to automatically move up in our pages. Likewise, if an item starts to run low on inventory, it automatically moves down. Having control over those rules, and which ones are most important to our business metrics and KPIs at any given time, has had a huge impact.

Hayley Forsyth, Digital Marketing Manager, Wildfang

Everything you need to know about your future superpowers

Merchandising your store is about to get a whole lot easier.

Get to grips with our merchandising tools

Come take a look at the technical features and in-depth details of our merchandising solution.

Let your devs get back to what they do best

All these additional resources don’t just mean more free time for you, your dev team will thank you.