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Super Squad

Meet your new team member

Welcome to the squad

Your team is about to get a little bigger.

support from before day one

Get support from before day one

No unexpected surprises on deployment day. Before you even implement Searchspring, we’ll do a full data audit to ensure your feeds and our solutions will merge into a thing of beauty. Preview your new online shopping experience and get your data in shape for a glitch-free launch.

support post-launch

Feel the love long after launch

Onboarding alone doesn’t cut it. We’re in this relationship for the long haul. You’re going to hear from our customer success team on the regular to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your tools. We’re just as obsessed with your results as you are.

keep the wins coming

Keep the wins coming

Your needs will evolve. So will our partnership. Whether it’s offering a new perspective on your top queries or suggesting a fresh approach to your merchandising, we live to uncover the possibilities you might have missed.

ecommerce knowledge

Leverage years of knowledge

Whatever your industry, we’ve been there, done that, and helped them sell the tshirt. Save yourself hours of agonizing over how the best in the business are doing it. We already know, and we’re itching to share everything we’ve learned with you.

PR resources

Hype it all up with our PR resources

Excited about your results? Us, too. If you feel like shouting about your success, or just want to share your brand story, we’ve got the industry connections to get your news out there and showcase your online store to the world.

We were able to build and scale a visual merchandising and search tool on a global scale within a few short months. As we continued to onboard global merchandisers, Searchspring’s support team was quick and responsive, allowing us to be quicker to market with the smart tools and features Searchspring had to offer.

Kristine Cruz, Senior Director of Merchandising, Volcom

A full suite of sidekicks

Even more resources for pre and post-implementation.

Get up and running with Searchspring Studio

Where technical support meets customer success. Implementation done right, the first time.

Let your devs get back to what they do best

All these additional resources don’t just mean more free time for you. Your dev team will thank you.