On-Demand Webinar: Personalised Recommendations Success (Your Essential Tactics)

Learn how ecommerce brands using personalised product recommendations to build stronger shopper connections and enhance product discovery. 💡

Our panel of industry experts delve into using personalisation strategies and tactics to boost conversion. Just a few of the highlights included:

🔎 How product recommendations have been very effective for Beginning Boutique shoppers at the starting point of their search and product discovery while also targeting conversion.

🎯 How AJE Athletica has leaned into shopper data across personalised recommendations, search, and merchandising to get super targeted, know who the customer is and how they want to shop.

📈 How brands that have personalised recommendations and personalised search and merchandising on-site have seen their shoppers spend up to 4 times longer on-site. They also see 4 times as many products viewed, and are much more likely to convert a customer that is spending a longer period on-site.

Hear all the insights from our panellists – Rhyanna Cardillo from AJE Athletica, Isabella Ison from Beginning Boutique, and Jacinda Delaney from Searchspring.


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