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Modern Merchant Summit 2022

Webinar for Online Merchants who Redefine Ecommerce Trends in 2022.

Date: January 26, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm CT
Duration: 90 minutes

It’s time to hit the pause button as an ecommerce merchant and ask yourself the question – “What’s next?”

In the midst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s almost impossible to avoid the whirlwind of ensuring inventory is available, creating compelling sales campaigns, and most simply put, surviving the chaos.

However, once the craziness subsides, what’s next?

How will you stay ahead of the curve in 2022?

How will you provide memorable shopping experiences in 2022?


The Modern Merchant Summit webinar pulls back the curtain on how high converting shopping experiences are created in today’s quickly evolving ecommerce landscape, through a combination of industry outlook, strategies, and reveals.

Are you an ecommerce merchant who wants to redefine “shopping” in the new year?

Reserve your spot now for Searchspring’s 2022 Modern Merchant Summit!


Webinar Agenda

Defining the current state of ecommerce

In this session, we’ll dive into global online shopping and first party shopper behavior stats. Take a closer look at data and search queries that drive your online sales. 

Breaking down 2022’s emerging ecommerce trends

These trends are here to stay. Learn more about social commerce, augmented reality shopping, buy now pay later payment options, personalization, and more. 

Taking a data-driven approach to optimizing store performance

Learn more about how to use data and testing to uncover new growth opportunities and create a powerful shopping experience through personalization and optimized product ordering.

Creating more memorable shopping experiences

If you want repeat customers, you need to make their shopping experience a memorable one! In this session, we’ll discuss how to drive more relevant and visual shopping experiences for your customers. 

Diving into Searchspring’s latest innovations

We have new technologies and products coming your way. Learn more about Searchspring’s newest innovations and find out how we can help you drive even more sales and conversions.