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How to Successfully Replatform Your Ecommerce Site

Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid when Replatforming

Is it time to replatform your ecommerce site? Before you jump in, join Searchspring and a panel of experts on Wednesday, May 31 for a live 1-hour webinar on how to manage a successful (and smooth) replatform or redesign. 

Replatforming can be a pivotal step in expanding capabilities, facilitating growth, and achieving sales goals. However, this huge undertaking has potential to create huge issues without the right strategy and timing in place.

That’s why we’ve gathered a few ecommerce experts who have done a few (or a million) replatforms and redesigns throughout their careers. They’ve learned a thing or two and are ready to share their experiences with you on what to do and, almost more importantly, what not to do, when the time comes to replatform your online store or just give it a little facelift.      

During the How to Successfully Replatform Your Ecommerce Site webinar, we’ll cover things like how to pick a new platform, how replatforming or redesigning can affect your data, and everything in between, including:

  • What should be done before, during, and after replatforming or redesign
  • The importance of starting early 
  • Questions to ask and things to consider about third party applications 

You’ll walk away from this webinar armed with the knowledge you need to manage a successful replatform or redesign. Register today!