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Five Steps for Killer Site Search

Get Relevant Products in Front of Shoppers and Increase Cart Size

Join Searchspring and a panel of ecommerce experts for a webinar where we dive into how to improve search on your ecommerce site to maximize conversions and reach your goals for 2023. 

These days, expectations for immediate, relevant, and personalized experiences are high. Ecommerce is no exception. Shoppers want to find the products they want as quickly as possible – and they want to feel taken care of and understood in the process. Customers who use on-site search are even more demanding in their needs and expectations, but they are also more prepared to make a purchase. In fact, shoppers who use search are 8-10x more likely to purchase than shoppers who don’t. Make sure you are taking care of these customers by giving them the best experience possible. 

In the Five Steps for Killer Site Search webinar, we’ll discuss who these high-intent shoppers are and how you can deliver the experience they want and expect in today’s digital world. Learn how to keep these shoppers on your site and keep them coming back for more with unique experiences created especially for them. In the meantime, download the Five Steps for Killer Site Search ebook to prepare for a great discussion! 


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