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Enhancing Ecommerce Site Search

Tips and tricks to enhance search experience and boost sales fast

On April 20th at 12pm EST/9am PST, We hosted a 1-hour live webinar with an expert panel from BHFOAbsolute WebConsult PCR, and Searchspring where we revealed tips and tricks to enhance search experience and boost sales fast.

Did you know that search users are 8-10 times more likely to purchase than a regular site visitor? But, 70% of searches are unable to return relevant results and 26% of searches end up on a 0-results page. Shoppers hate that! Think about it. You’re basically telling them that you don’t offer that product, leading to a jumping off point to go shop your competitors.

Searchers expect a simple, rapid path to the search results. Even as little as a 1% reduction in 0-result searches can lead to a massive spike in sales. Simply put, the better experience you offer searchers, the more they spend.

To help you reduce irrelevant and 0-results pages, we’ve invited an expert panel to discuss their top tips and tricks to enhance your site search. We focused on the following areas:

  1. Limitations of basic search plugin tools vs advanced solutions
  2. Strategic placement of search features
  3. Surfacing the most relevant set of products
  4. Similar recommendations, cross-selling, and trending products
  5. Category navigation, relevant filters, and sorting options

Ready to return more relevant search results? Watch the webinar today!