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Ecommerce Predictions 2023

🔥 10 Hot-Ticket Items for Your Ecommerce Site 🔥

On January 25th at 12pm EST / 9am PST we are hosting a 1-hour live webinar with and expert panel from Searchspring, Tomorrow, Stamped, and BHFO where we will dig into must-haves and ecommerce predictions for 2023 and reflect on the hottest features used by ecommerce leaders in 2022.

Just like that, 2022 is behind us. But, we can learn a thing or two from the last year. While consumers continued to normalize their preference to do their shopping online, consistent trends began to emerge across ecommerce leaders. As we begin the 2023 journey, we need to take a look into the trends and distill that information into actions, must-haves, or “hot-ticket” items, to put into your ecommerce site roadmap. We’ve done just that!

To help you best understand what is most important for your organizations, we will break down the webinar in the following ways:

  • Reflect on the hottest trends and features among ecommerce leaders in 2022
  • Predictions for ecommerce sales and economic impact for 2023
  • Provide 10 recommendations and expert analysis on the must-haves for your ecommerce site in 2023
Get ready to learn from the best ecommerce experts around and get their predictions for 2023. 

Reserve your spot today! 🗓️