On-Demand Webinar: Is Your Ecommerce Experience Helping or Hindering Conversion?

Our panel of industry experts takes a deep-dive into the many tactics you can use to refine the ecommerce experience and improve conversion rates. 📈

Our panel of industry experts takes a deep-dive into optimising the ecommerce experience to help your online store increase conversion. Just a few of the highlights included:

💡 A/B testing: from the placement of navigation menus to removing outlet products from collection pages, A/B testing gives you hard data into what works, what doesn’t, and how to boost conversion rates.

💡 Social proofing: the power of social proofing through customer reviews and user-generated content can quickly establish credibility with customers – and even help those shoppers make the right purchase decisions.

💡 Search, merchandising and personalisation: how these aspects of an enriched online experience can help you optimise the shopping journey and build customer-led strategies to convert more.

Hear all the insights from our panellists – Chris Ventura from 2XU, Jacinda Delaney from Searchspring, Scott Goodman from Okendo, and Blake Waldron from Convert Digital.


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