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Driving the Ultimate Customer Experience Webinar

Hear Ideas and Tips From Ecommerce Experts on How to Drive the Ultimate Customer Experience in This On-Demand Webinar Featuring Searchspring Head of APAC, Kate Massey

Hear insights from ecommerce industry experts about enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint in the Driving the Ultimate Customer Experience Webinar.


This in-depth discussion covers:

  1. How to improve conversion rates at checkout and beat out your competitors.
  2. Keeping customers engaged despite changing macroeconomic conditions.
  3. How brands are delivering outstanding customer experiences, both in-store and online.
  4. Changing shopper behaviours and omnichannel customer journeys.
  5. What to expect as we head towards peak sales season.


Access the Driving the Ultimate Customer Experience Webinar on-demand now for ideas and tips on how to drive the ultimate customer experience. 

Your Line-Up of Ecommerce Experts

Joe Fox
Joe Fox

VP of Partnerships

Company: Reviews.IO

Connect with Joe Fox on LinkedIn

Kate Massey
Kate Massey

Head of APAC

Company: Searchspring

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Ivanna Sulisfianto
Ivanna Sulisfianto

Senior Customer Success Manager

Company: Lexer

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Daniel Mclean
Daniel Mclean

Ecommerce Manager

Company: Rip Curl

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