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Auditing Your Ecommerce Website

Expert tips to analyze, personalize, and improve user experience on your site

Auditing Your Ecommerce Website Webinar

On February 23rd Searchspring hosted a webinar with an expert panel from Tomorrow Agency, Groove Commerce, and Searchspring where we focused on analyzing ecommerce sites to find opportunities to personalize and improve user experience in 2022.

What did we talk about?

Have a vision for what a modern version of your website looks like? Great! But, where do you start? Should you create a wish list? Audit your site? Run an ROI analysis? The answer is… Yes! The Auditing Your Ecommerce Website Webinar was designed to help do exactly that.

To help you do this, we broke down the webinar in the following ways:

  • Creating a wishlist of the top items for your ecommerce website
  • Conducting a current state analysis to define your needs
  • Running an ROI analysis to define change impact
  • Cross comparing your wishlists, current state, and change impact
  • Tips on high impact changes like personalizing and modernizing user experience
  • Suggestions on top tools, technologies, and plugins

Ready to make an impact with your site in 2022?

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