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Ecommerce online merchandising

Display the products that matter when they matter most

ecommerce merchandising reordered products
ecommerce visual merchandising by searchspring

The product results your shoppers expect, in the order and appearance you want them.

Go beyond relevancy, take control of how products are presented.

ecommerce merchandising promote products

Product results that feel personalized


Organize your products how you want them with drag-and-drop controls. Arrange them by aesthetics, place matching items near each other, or promote your best-sellers.

ecommerce merchandising boost higher margin products

Move (sell) the products that matter to you


Organize and rank your product results based on rules that align with your business goals. Boost best selling products, place sold-out products at the bottom, and so much more.

ecommerce merchandising group related products

A perfect presentation for every situation


Make your pages more enticing with the human touch. Group matching items, promote trending products, or move your lowest performers to the bottom.

ecommerce merchandising pin products to the top

Override results when necessary


Want certain products to occupy the top spots on specific search results or category pages? Now you can easily make that happen.

ecommerce merchandising promotional banners and badges

Make your sales and specials stand out


Now your marketers can work hand-in-hand with your merchandisers on campaigns. You can now create triggers (such as date and time) to launch a campaign with custom banners and imagery to match your social and email efforts.

Easy everywhere, control where you need it

Optimizing the product results shouldn’t be a pain.

ecommerce merchandising global boost rules

Move fast. Go global!

Want your best sellers and new arrivals at the top? Create layered rules to promote products based on any parameter you wish – without ruining the automated relevancy.

ecommerce merchandising pin important products where you want

Visualize and fine-tune on a granular level

Override and pin products when and where you need. Manually curate any results page and define precisely what products go where with powerful drag-and-drop controls.


Need help finding the right solution? Have pricing questions?

No more limitations, optimize EVERY results page

It doesn’t have to be complicated or a burden to tailor your product results. Easily optimize your campaigns and results everywhere!

ecommerce merchandising on search result pages

Search pages

With powerful boosting rules and intuitive drag-and-drop controls, you can order and position products precisely where and how you want them for any search query.

ecommerce merchandising on category pages

Category pages

Take full control of your category pages collectively and individually. Create custom triggers and rules to order the product results any way you want – and do so faster than ever!

ecommerce merchandising on unique landing pages

Unique landing pages

Create completely merchandised landing pages in minutes without any code or technical knowledge. Perfect for marketing, brand pages and more.

Leverage EVERY piece of data you have

Pull in data from your other 3rd party tools and enable features that aren’t available without Searchspring

leverage any piece of product data you have to merchandise

Your product results can go beyond relevancy, they can be personalized to deliver results exactly the way you want and remain highly relevant.

Merchandising tools that make both you and your shoppers happy.

Create custom pages made from a completely hand-picked listing of products.

Dynamic re-ordering of products based on how their data matches against rules. Can be applied globally or on specific campaigns.

The merchandising tool which provides merchants the ability to completely customize how specific search pages look and behave.

Interface that allows you to drag products in a grid to the positions you want them to be in.

Pin a large list of products in an exact desired order from a copy-pasted list of products.

Override the facets on a category page to re-organize them – Such as showing “Color” before “Size”.

Set a date/time range when the campaign should take effect.

Hide facets on a specific category page that you don’t want to show up, so shoppers can focus on the ones that matter there.

Set up campaigns that take affect in multiple shopper scenarios and/or in complex shopper scenarios. One campaign can show a banner in multiple categories & searches.

Products that have been specifically hidden from appearing on a product listing page, such as temporarily discontinued products.

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!