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Uncover Hidden Opportunities with a No-Cost Ecommerce Site Audit

Actionable Recommendations Tailored to Identify Gaps, Enhance User Experience, and Drive More Sales.

The Site Audit Process: Discovering Site Potential

It’s important to run a site audit to make sure your e-commerce site is performing at its peak to provide an amazing shopper experience. A site audit will pinpoint necessary improvements that will increase conversion rates and produce happier customers.

How it works:

Step 1: Request a Site Audit – Provide your name, email, and the website you’d like us to audit to get started!

Step 2:
Site Analysis – Our experts will assess various elements, including search functionality, merchandising, product recommendations, mobile experience, and more.

Step 3:
Sharing Our Findings – You’ll receive a concise, personalized video that outlines our findings.

Step 4: In-Depth Discussion – You’ll then have the option to schedule more time with an expert to discuss your site in depth and discuss how it may benefit from Searchspring.

Why Searchspring