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Site search, navigation and merchandising solutions for online retailers

Searchspring and Nextopia have joined forces to deliver the best of both platforms in one!
  • Faster product innovation
  • Enhanced resources
  • Even better customer support
Searchspring features fashion apparel
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Loved by the world’s greatest merchandisers

Searchspring gives ecommerce teams search and merchandising superpowers.


Help your customers quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Display relevant results with autocomplete and boosting rules.
  • Accommodate typos, synonyms, and SKUs.
  • Avoid “no results found” with custom landing pages and “did you mean” suggestions.
ecommerce navigation faceting and filtering


Intuitively guide shoppers to the products they’re looking for.

  • Give shoppers the power to sort and filter product results.
  • Ensure relevancy with dynamic controls and customization.
  • Display grid boxes, palette options, sliders, and more as facets.

Ready to see how these products can help you?

ecommerce merchandising by searchspring


Promote the products that matter, with offers that convert.

  • Ensure hyper-relevant results with customization and boosting rules.
  • Visually merchandise products to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Execute targeted campaigns with landing pages and precise scheduling.
ecommerce keyword reporting


Pinpoint opportunities for conversion optimization.

  • Gain powerful insights into shopper preferences.
  • Inform your ecommerce strategy with search data and behaviour patterns.
  • Identify key revenue-drivers and refine product offers and rankings accordingly.
“The ability to guide a customer to what they’re looking for as fast as humanly possible is a huge win for us, which is what Searchspring does.”
Emma Mcilroy, CEO of Wildfang
Wildfang achieves 24% increase in search conversion rate

We’re platform agnostic and integrate with every platform

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