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Searchspring and Nextopia have joined forces!

We’re excited to announce that Searchspring and Nextopia have merged under the revamped Searchspring brand.

We’re on a mission to power exceptional online shopping experiences, and bringing both teams and solutions together means faster product innovation, enhanced resources, and even better customer service.

If you’re an existing client or partner of either company, the same people, resources, and tools that you’re accustomed to are all still available to you. You can reach out to us at any time at the contact details at the end of this page, or find out more about what this means for you in our FAQ below.

We have lots of new developments to share with you over the coming months. We’re changing the way the world shops, and we can’t wait to take you on this journey with us.

What our leadership team has to say

You probably have a few questions

Why did you merge?

With a combined 32 years of experience providing online retailers with the tools to build great ecommerce sites, Searchspring and Nextopia have successfully worked in competition to advance the technology that is available to marketers and merchandisers. By combining these brands, we are able to provide our community with faster product innovation, access to educational and best-practice resources refined through decades of experience, and the backing of a powerful customer success organization. Through this combination of teams, knowledge, and technology, our mission is to empower online retailers to build better shopping experiences. For more, read our CEO manifesto.


Does this mean I’m going to be forced to change the technology I’m using?

No. With the resources and expertise of the combined team, the Searchspring and Nextopia roadmaps are merging to build a platform which includes all of the best features of both, and more. During this period of time, both platforms will continue to operate as they currently do and will be maintained and supported to the highest standard.


Do you plan to buy more ecommerce SaaS companies?

We are on a mission to empower online retailers to build better shopping experiences. That means constantly looking for new ways to expand the power of our platform, whether through new builds or acquisition.


What does this mean for my existing contract?

The terms of your existing contract will not be affected. If you have questions about the specifics of your contract, please reach out to your Customer Success contact.


Will my billing change?

In 2019, Nextopia rolled out an improved billing platform for all customers. At that time, Nextopia customers received an email encouraging you to sign in to new billing and confirm your information. If you have not done so, or have questions about your bill, our team can be reached at

Searchspring customers will not experience a change in billing.


Who do I contact for support?

All of the support channels that you are accustomed to will remain open for your convenience. For Nextopia customers, continue to contact support through the Nextopia Control Panel or For Searchspring contact


We are in the process of onboarding with Nextopia. Does this mean we have to start over with Searchspring?

Not at all! We know that you purchased Nextopia for a reason and will continue to deliver to the standard that was promised. If you would prefer onboarding with Searchspring, please reach out directly to your Customer Success contact to discuss your account.


Which technology are you adopting, Nextopia, Searchspring?

As Searchspring and Nextopia combine forces, we are joining and expanding our roadmap over the coming months to give you access to the best of both technologies, and more. Explore our product updates page to learn more about our product roadmap.


Is Nextopia going away?

No. Nextopia and Searchspring will join under the Searchspring name. However, adopting the Searchspring name for the joint brand doesn’t mean the Nextopia teams, experience, or support you know and love will disappear. You will still have access to the support and maintenance you are accustomed to.


I’ve been in the process of deciding between Searchspring and Nextopia, who do I talk to now?

If this is you, don’t worry! Your account executives will be reaching out to clarify the primary point of contact for your account and to discuss how the combined platform will benefit you.


Will my price change?

The terms of your existing contract will not be affected.


Will my level of support change? 

Your support team, processes, and SLAs will not change. Both Searchspring and Nextopia pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding level of support and we are constantly working to outdo ourselves when it comes to helping you build your business.


Can I still continue emailing my contact at

The emails you send to addresses will always reach their recipient. As of February 4th, all team members will use a address as their primary contact while still receiving email to their Please expect to receive communications from the domain.


Can someone walk me through my account and show me what has changed?

Right now, nothing about your account or solution will change. Your customer success manager will be reaching out to share new functionality as it becomes available, but if you just can’t wait and want to know more, please contact us.


Where do I log in?

Please continue to log in as you have always done.

Contact Information

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