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Search Insights

Easily Access Valuable Insights That Convert More and Help Provide the Ultimate Shopper Experience
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Use the Search Insights Report to analyze how shoppers interact with various searches. Take the data to merchandise your site, order popular products, and make product recommendations.

Our Search Insights Report saves your team time and money by being easy to pull and understand so you can take action immediately.

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“Every quarter, we review the top search queries on our site to understand what our customers are looking for. We use that data to merchandise and identify opportunities for new products.”

– Justin French Director of Marketing,
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How Do Search Insights Work?

Insightful Tracking

Search Insights uses Searchspring’s search tracking data to gather data based on searches on your site with a little help from Google Analytics. We analyze Google Analytics data for you and pull out all the important stuff for you to see at a glance. 

View important highlights such as popular searches, top grossing searches, and top converting searches.


What Data Will You See With Search Insights?


Popular Searches – What People Want

Get a quick summary of the most popular search queries on your site within a specific date range through the Popular Searches Highlight. Give the people what they want and use the results to boost and promote these projects.


Top Grossing Searches – What People Spend

What products are making the biggest splash on your site? See a quick summary of search queries with the Highest Page Value on your site within a selected date range so you can sell even more of these products.


Top Converting Searches – What People Buy

Top Converting Searches shows a quick summary of the highest-converting search queries on your site within a selected date range. Use this info to find your A-list products and sell more.


Beyond the Highlights


Search Terms Tree

The Search Insights tool also provides an easy-to-read Search Terms Tree. The Search Terms Tree provides an interactive way to explore common associations search terms have when shoppers are looking for products. With the tree, you see how customers group words together – like brands that are searched with an item. You can also  identify synonyms, common misspellings, and popular products.


Breakdown Table

The Breakdown Table gives direct insight into your store’s search history. This table allows you to view specific analytics related to each search and leads to a better understanding of your audience. 

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