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Ensure shoppers see the most relevant products on every page.

Go beyond basic keyword matching. Understand customer intent, complex phrasing, and important details such as measurements, features, accessories, brands, size, and color


Get A Smarter Searchbar

Deliver a fast and seamless search experience across desktop and mobile that predicts what customers are looking for, reducing clicks and increasing conversions.

Product Awareness

Analysis of product information to determine what kind of product it is -- for example, determining the difference between "shirt dress" and "dress shirt"

Natural Language Processing

Our capability to determine customer search intent and context, with features like measurement detection, character recognition, product typing, and more...

Search Preview Tool

Search preview gives you under-the-hood visibility into how the SearchSpring algorithm works. See how products are ranked and why.

Search Suggestions

We look at the most popular search queries on your site and suggest any of those that partially match the user's current search.

Product Suggestions

We suggest any products with names or SKUs that partially match the user's current search.

Predictive Visual Autocomplete

A module that pops up when a user starts typing in the search box, and helps the user to find what they're looking for in real time with product and search suggestions along with faceting options.


Words that are tied to other words to make search results come back for products that might not have one of the words in its searchable data, such as "bathing suit" = "swim suit"


Words or phrases that, when searched, will cause the browser to redirect to a different page instead of showing results. Such as "returns" redirecting to the return policy page instead of displaying product results.

Business Rules

Keep and leverage the custom logic you already have, like pricing rules, inventory displays, badges, banners, etc... If you have it, you keep it.

Did You Mean Suggestions

Alternative query suggestions that show up at the top of a search results page. Most often found on zero-result pages.

Customizable No Results Page

Show something other than "No results found" such as a landing page for all your best sellers, a redirect to another page, or some other custom content.

Definable Searchable Fields

Define which pieces of your products can be searched to help direct customers to what's important to them.

Query Replacements / Ignore Terms

A word replacement on the search that happens before the actual search, changing what the original search is. Good to use for common typos.

IntelliSuggest Elevations

We intelligently push 10 products to the top of the results for your 5,000 most popular search terms, based on shopper engagement on each search.


The automatic searching of alternative variations on a word, usually for pluralizations. Example: searching "dress" also looks for "dresses" automatically.

Typo Tolerance

Searching for partial matches that are only 1-2 letters off from the search, also referred to as fuzzy search.

Boosting Rules

Order the showing of products based on how their data matches compared to your predefined rules, such as, showing new products first and sort those by highest margin.

White Glove Integration

We handle the integration process for you. From data audit to going live, it's all on us. We'll match your look-and-feel exactly, retain your custom logic, and any other special features you've built out. If you have it, we make sure you keep it.

We love to see our customers succeed!

SearchSpring has been a great partner of ours for years and has helped us scale our business. The Relevancy Platform has allowed us to create engaging and unique experiences that match our brand voice and goals. They have also helped us maintain consistently high conversion rates and engagement metrics over the years, and have saved us countless hours of manual work.

Zachaary Lee


We saw our conversions rise almost 16%. The Product Finder addition was really helping us get the right products in front of our customers, quickly!

Mike Giordano


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