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Ecommerce reporting and analytics

Gain critical ecommerce insights into how your visitors are shopping on your store.

ecommerce reporting and analytics

Ecommerce reporting and analytics that actually matter and are insightful for online retailers

Help your team make the entire shopping experience better with detailed search behavior and product performance reports.

ecommerce reporting - know why your products rank the way they do

It doesn’t have to be a black box, with ecommerce reporting


See why your product results rank and present the way they do – under any circumstance.

Then, do something about it!

ecommerce reporting: no how each product is performing

Sell more with Product Insights


Learn which products are best sellers, why they’re best sellers, and how to make more.

know where your revenue is coming from

Spend more where it will matter


See what products and shopper behavior is driving your revenue, and what isn’t.

Use these ecommerce insights to double down on what’s working and take appropriate actions on what isn’t.

ecommerce keyword reporting

Your shoppers are giving you a goldmine of data


Know which keywords actually matter, and learn how your customers are shopping.

Use this data to help your SEO decisions, PPC, keyword targeting, and improve your overall product information.


Need help finding the right solution? Have pricing questions?

Ecommerce reporting that provides critical insights into how your shoppers are shopping

Ecommerce insights & reporting data are available in the management console dating back to 2 years from the current date.

Gives you a broad overview of Searchspring request activity. Break down which queries came from shoppers, search engines, or a custom group of IP addresses set by you.

The Zero-Results report gives you a comprehensive view into the instances where someone searches for something on your store and no products are found.

The feature that falls back to a loose search only when there are zero results for the original search is called Automatic Search Downgrade, and the Popular Searches w/ Secondary Matches report shows how often that occurs on your site.

Identifies the most commonly occurring words across searches in your store. This can help you gain a more general feel for what kinds of things people typically look for on your site.

See which filters and which filter-values are being most used by your shoppers across your site

Shows you what your shoppers are sorting products by after performing a search or navigating a category page.

Shows which suggestions were shown for which searches, and how many per day were made.

Can be used to find out how much traffic your store is getting as a result of people clicking on a search result in a search engine (such as Google).

Shows you how many key interactions shoppers have had in your store, effectively giving you an overview of your site’s conversion funnel on a day-to-day basis.

High level and granular views of how products are performing, how shoppers interact with your products, and suggested action steps.

An even more advanced breakdown of an individual product’s performance.

You can use this report to analyze how shoppers are interacting with the various Searchspring-powered category pages on your site, and you can take action directly from this report.

Search Insights utilizes Searchspring’s search tracking data, while also analyzing some supplemental Google Analytics data to present important metrics breakdowns for searches performed on your site.

Shows you how much each Searchspring feature contributes to purchases made by customers.

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Utilize both Searchspring and Google Analytics data to present important metrics breakdowns for each…

A broad overview of Searchspring request activity on your store. It can be used to see not only how much traffic you’re getting per…

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!