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Reporting & Analytics That Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Typical analytics require a great deal of data manipulation and analysis. Our Insights Suite was created to surface the highest value conversion opportunities, and allow you to take action directly from the report. Saving you time and generating more revenue.


Full Transparency Into Where Your Revenue Is Coming From

Get a clear understanding of shopper behavior and which areas of your site contribute to your conversions. No more guess work or lengthy analysis needed.

Overall Search Activity

Gives you a broad overview of SearchSpring request activity. Break down which queries came from shoppers, search engines, or a custom group of IP addresses set by you.

Zero Results

The Zero-Results report gives you a comprehensive view into the instances where someone searches for something on your store and no products are found.


Identifies the most commonly occurring words across searches in your store. This can help you gain a more general feel for what kinds of things people typically look for on your site.


See which filters and which filter-values are being most used by your shoppers across your site


Shows you what your shoppers are sorting products by after performing a search or navigating a category page.

Did You Mean

Shows which suggestions were shown for which searches, and how many per day were made.

Indexing Activity

This report shows you how many SearchSpring queries are being performed, and which search engine performed them.


Can be used to find out how much traffic your store is getting as a result of people clicking on a search result in a search engine (such as Google).

IntelliSuggest Events

Shows you how many key interactions shoppers have had in your store, effectively giving you an overview of your site's conversion funnel on a day-to-day basis.

Product Insights

High level and granular views of how products are performing, how shoppers interact with your products, and suggested action steps.

Revenue Impact

Shows you how much each SearchSpring feature contributes to purchases made by customers.


Performance metric breakdowns for customer searches. Used to analyze how shoppers are interacting with various search queries.

Category Insights

Performance metric breakdowns for customer interactions on SearchSpring-powered Category pages.

Performance metric breakdowns for customer interactions on SearchSpring-powered Category pages.

We are very pleased with this mobile site enhancement. The process was made easy for us and the results have been a better experience for our mobile shoppers and higher mobile commerce numbers for us. A win-win.

Peter Roman


Our platform was limiting our ability to scale our product assortment, conversion rate and team effectiveness. We had tried work arounds and in-house short-term solutions, but quickly realized that we needed a partner who could help us scale both in the short and long-term.

Brian Fricano


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