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Spelling Correction

Just in time for the holidays. Spell check is rolling out, a new report coming soon, improvements to AutoComplete, and more! 

Full Steam Ahead on Spelling Correction

We’re excited to announce that we have completed adding our brand new Spelling Correction to our initial run of 280+ online stores! During the past few months during rollout, we have been hard at work. Gathering feedback, observing functional behaviors, and making changes to make it the best it can be. 

Spelling correction is even more intelligent than ever. It now instantly checks against your store’s searchable information before deciding to make any corrections. This prevents it from overcorrecting any search that is unique to your store. 

We’ve also fine-tuned the expected behavior of what happens when your shoppers hit Enter in different scenarios, including some customized behavior that is available upon request.

Coming Soon: See What Spelling Correction is Doing

With new capabilities come new insight! We will be releasing a brand new insights report that highlights all the ways that spelling correction is performing on your site. See the most common misspellings, and what they’re being corrected to. You can even see how spelling mistakes differ on various devices. 

Enhanced AutoComplete

We’ve made improvements to how AutoComplete itself works – Every time suggestions cannot be found for what’s being typed, we’ll take a look at the search results for exactly what the shopper typed. If there are results, we’ll create an instant preview into what they have typed. 

Also, all sites using our latest v3 AutoComplete integration will now find SKU searching to work more intuitively. We’ve created better exact SKU matching, weeded out some of the messier suggestions, and improved case-matching logic.

Tailor Your Recommendations

Interested in having greater control over your product recommendations? We’re going to be rolling out our brand new product recommendations suite soon after the holidays! This new feature allows you to add filters & boosts to your store’s product recommendations, makes it much easier to install, allows you to update the rules instantly anytime you want to, and includes a robust & flexible new templating system. Reach out to your customer success representative to get on board. 

One additional feature we’ve been testing out is Recommendations on Zero-Results pages, which breaks down the shopper’s search and shows products that only matched some of the words in their search, making for an excellent way to save shoppers from hitting a dead-end.

… and more!

  • The Redirects page in the management console has been revamped to be easier to use, search, and edit. 
  • We’re working on a brand new shopper tracking system that will allow us to create even better reports for you in the future.