Schedule Multiple Global Campaigns + Improved Interface

Schedule Out Global Changes and Improved Interface 

Schedule Out Global Changes

You can now create multiple global campaigns on a schedule! We understand that it can be necessary to make global store changes at an exact time. Often times late at night. This allows you to easily schedule out global changes in advance without having to worry about it at the last second.

  • You can have scheduled global campaigns in addition to an indefinite global campaign, which is separated out at the top of the global campaigns list.
  • New “Status” column makes it easier to find which campaigns are upcoming and which are outdated.
  • Scheduled campaigns will completely override the indefinite one, acting as if it doesn’t exist.
  • Titles for all global campaigns are now required moving forward.

Read more about multiple global campaigns here »

Improved Merchandising Interface

The Visual Merchandising editing interface has gotten a facelift to make it easier to use and understand at a glance, allowing you to get your merchandising done quicker.

  • “Triggers” has been completely renamed to be “Context” for the toolbox and “Pages” for specific triggers.
  • Scheduling has been split out into its own toolbox!
  • The top of the page is cleaner and easier to read. The “Campaign scenario” area shows a summary which makes it easier to see and edit the campaign’s schedule and affected page(s).

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