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Personalization, Boost Fields, and More!

In the past couple of months, we have been making large strides in leveraging product boosting rules to their fullest potential, refining Saluki 2: a powerful new relevancy algorithm, and big steps in our brand new Personalization functionality!

For our September release, we’ve made some important steps forward in these initiatives, as well as many improvements to speed and ease of use.

Try Out Personalization

demo site springly

Curious of everything Searchspring can do? We’ve created a fully-functional demo website at to show off all of the capabilities that can be leveraged on a Searchspring-powered store with Springly Fashion. Here, you can explore our search relevancy, faceting, sorting, merchandising, synonyms, and all other Searchspring capabilities. In addition, we will be showing off our brand new Personalization functionality on this site for all to explore. Love it? Hate it? Feel free to contact Searchspring’s product team to let us know!

Saluki 2

We’ve been hard at work refining our latest and greatest search algorithm for the Saluki engine, Saluki 2. This new search functionality takes product awareness to the next level, and allows you to be in full control of your site’s behavior by allowing product boosting rules to further control search results. Better-performing synonyms and many search relevancy improvements are also bundled in this major upgrade. We are currently beta testing this algorithm with a small set of Searchspring-powered stores — keep an eye out for it on your store when it goes out to everyone soon!

Disabled Boost Fields

missing boost fields

While using our popular Product Boosting Rules in your merchandising campaigns, we’ve made it so that boost rules appear “disabled” when we can no longer find the field (such as “discount_price”) that the boost rule is using. It will still appear, and can be rearranged/removed, but will not be active or editable unless the product data comes back.

Faster Dashboard

Working with Searchspring is quicker than ever, as we’ve made the management console’s dashboard quicker and more responsive than ever. Dive into your store’s analytics, merchandising, and store behavior!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Google Analytics account connection
  • Relevancy improvements
  • Data synchronization improvements
  • Visual Merchandising bug fixes
  • Smart Faceting performance