November 2018

Entering a Code Freeze

In order to ensure the absolute reliability of our systems during the busiest time of year for Searchspring customers, we are entering a Code Freeze through November and December of 2018. During this period, we will not be releasing any new functionality or changes to Searchspring products. Only the most urgent bugs will be addressed during this period.

Coming Soon

Spelling Correction in AutoComplete

Utilizing the past ten years of search data, we have created an intelligent and automatic spelling corrector that is being implemented into our newest version of Autocomplete (v3). The spell check automatically corrects the word and sends it to Autocomplete to function as usual.

spell correct in autocomplete

In addition, hitting “enter” will now send you to the search suggestion instead of your typed search, with an option at the results listing to “Search instead” for your original term. This makes for a much more cohesive and desired customer journey on your site.

autocomplete example

We are in the stage of rolling this out to beta testing customers. If the results are as expected, we hope to roll this out to many more customers soon.

Recent Updates

A Fresh and Fast Management Console

The redesign of the management console is now completed! If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, read the announcement blog here to learn more.

In addition, we’ve also been making a lot of speed improvements to the console itself. Pages now load faster, reports perform better, and more. Now you can get things done even faster.

See More in Search Preview

You can now see a wealth of additional info and use powerful new tools in Search Preview. We now highlight how your Redirects, Ignore Terms, Query Replacements, Exact Matches, and Hard Sorts take affect on any page.

search preview customizations

hard sorts

You can also now turn on and off major relevancy changers such as Merchandising and IntelliSuggest to see what your product listings look like with and without these features. This is a great way to see in-depth just how much of a difference these changes can make.

view details popup options

We’ve also made the “View Details” pop-up easier to read, and it now includes when partial word matches are occurring.

Better Data Acquisition

We’ve continued to create improved support for our data fetching processes, including changes to BigCommerce, 3DCart, and NetSuite carts.

Search Keeps Getting Faster

Going into the holidays, we’ve made some great changes to the search speeds on your sites. In addition, we are laying the groundwork to make some big upgrades in our core systems that will allow us to provide even faster speed and greater scale in the future.

A Mass Move to Better Relevancy

We’re pleased to announce that nearly all Searchspring customers using our Saluki search engine have been moved to use our newest search algorithm (which we call Saluki 2), just in time for the holiday rush!

This algorithm helps more logically bucket product listings together in ways that make sense and score in a less mysterious fashion. This makes Search Preview easier to understand, easier to tweak your relevancy settings, and allows you to use Boosting Rules anywhere on your site.

Additionally, this new algorithm now is smarter about giving extra search points to products that match multi-word phrases.

Bugs Smashed

  • 18 Management Console
  • 6 Data Acquisition
  • 4 Indexing / Data
  • 3 Search API
  • 3 NetSuite
  • 3 Search Preview
  • 2 Merchandising
  • 1 Product Recs

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