March 2017

For our March 2017 release, we’ve completely revamped our Visual Merchandising suite. We’ve added and refined major functionality to give you more power, flexibility, and ease of use when it comes to merchandising your store’s products. For a full guide on how to use Visual Merchandising, visit the knowledge base article.

searchspring march 2017 product update

March 2017 Updates

Promote up to 10,000 products

march 2017; promote up to 10000 products

Promoting bulk amounts of products is now a breeze. We’ve restructured how we store your promoted product listings. You can now explicitly promote up to 10,000 products in Visual Merchandising. In addition, load times while editing your campaigns are now much quicker, even with 200 products per page in the editor. This gives you even more flexibility, power, and speed while merchandising your products.

Create Landing Pages

March 2017; create landing pages

We’re excited to roll out our new Landing Pages functionality in Visual Merchandising, which allows you to to create a fully-customized product page from scratch. Bring in absolutely any assortment and order of products you’d like to use on your fully unique product listing page. Landing Pages gives you more control to create the customized product pages you want. Learn more here.

Find Products Faster

March 2017; find products with our improved interface

Adding and promoting products is more of a breeze than ever with our improved Add Products interface. In addition to using a search box to find and add any product you’d like to your campaign or landing page, we’ve added in-line facet search boxes as well. You can filter by any metric you need to find products by different metrics to promote, instead of only finding them by name. For example, you may need to promote Red products to top. Simply filter by the color Red and add products from the resulting list. Enjoy the added flexibility of promoting hand-curated products by exploring product property patterns.

Bulk Promoting

march 2017; bulk import and promote

Already have a list of product SKUs you’d like to promote to the top of a campaign? Now you can paste the list directly into the Bulk Import tool in Visual Merchandising for quick and easy merchandising of your pre-determined list of products from other sources.

Default Merchandising Campaign

default merchandising campaign

default merchandising campaign view

Merchandising can now be performed at a global level. The Default Campaign has many of the same features as any Visual Merchandising campaign. However, the tools will now take affect as a default across your entire site. Create a banner that appears on every Searchspring powered page, or create smart Product Boosting Rules that will affect all category pages on your site. In addition, new features that we add to Visual Merchandising in the future could also be instantly available on your default merchandising campaign. For broad site-wide control over your products and promotions, look no further than this default campaign.

Product Boosting Rules: Open Beta

product boosting rules in beta

For the past couple months, Product Boosting Rules has only been available to members of our Searchspring Beta Program for early testing. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve ironed out the worst known bugs, and moving Boosting Rules to Open Beta. Meaning that anyone can now request to have Boosting Rules added to their Visual Merchandising suite of tools. Product Boosting Rules provides a powerful interface to create dynamic rules based on product information, allowing you to push products with certain Brands, Prices, Colors, Views, and many more metrics to the top of your category pages. Contact your customer success representative today to learn more about how you can get this unique new ability.

Customizable Trigger Sets

customizable trigger sets

Need a campaign with specific boosting rules or banner to happen in multiple scenarios? Visual Merchandising now has the ability to assign multiple triggers with as much level of complexity as you need through this new, easy-to-use interface. To switch the preview of the product results that will show up for each respective trigger, you can simply click on the trigger itself. Now you have even more flexibility and can save more time by applying one set of campaign rules across as many triggers as you need.

Easier Product Promoting with Placement Cursor

easier product promoting with placement cursor

There is now much more flexibility in how you can order promoted products in a merchandising campaign. There is now a grey “cursor” line between each product in the grid. One of them highlighted in orange, indicating the “active” cursor, which is where any newly promoted products will be placed. To change the placement, simply click any of the grey lines in the grid. You can double-click any product in the grid to promote it to this position. Products added from the Products Toolbox will also be added at the active cursor spot. This is especially helpful in situations where you want to promote products to the top of the promoted list, bottom of the promoted list, or add a chunk somewhere in-between.

Helpful Category Campaign Selection

category campaign selection

Creating a new category campaign based on any filter is easier than ever with a drop-down of values that shows you all of your possible choices for that filter. This streamlines the process of creating a seamless category campaign, saving you time and keeping you in the flow of creating your merchandising campaigns without the need to seek out exact values outside of the Create Campaign page.

To become more familiar with Searchspring’s powerful Visual Merchandising suite, visit the knowledge base article to learn more.

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