March 2015


  • Indexing
    • Added a new document filter which will allow us to calculate the number of days since a date. This will be very useful for doing boosts/sorting on dates.
  • Data Integration
    • Created an integration with Western Power Sports to import product fitment information using their API.
  • Visual Merchandising
    • We made a change to make it so that when a set of products are elevated as part of a visual merchandising campaign they will continue to be elevated after filtering. Example: If I set up a campaign for my shirts category and elevated some products and a customer goes to the shirts category then chooses to filter for only red products then the red shirts that I elevated previously would still be elevated in the filtered results.
  • Volusion
    • Verified Volusion’s change from FTP to SFTP will not break any Searchspring integrations.
  • Magento
    • Made Magento Live Indexing module respect multi-store environments


  • Visual Merchandising
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to elevate products in a category that were not a part of that category.
  • Saluki
    • Fixed issue with decimal facets being displayed when active when they shouldn’t.
  • SMC
    • Changed Google Analytics connection to use new Google Analytics API by using sub token instead of id token.


  • Solved 152 customer support tickets with 1,008 emails.

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