July 2018

Our July 2018 product update is all about performance, performance, performance! Incredibly large steps have been taken to help improve the way you sync up with Searchspring, help you optimize reports, and more.

Be sure to check back in a couple months for some major interface updates.

Sync your data with confidence

Over the past month we have been hard at work to address our most common request – better, faster, and more reliable indexing.

  • Less time in the queue: Indexing almost always gets started right away, resulting in faster syncing with your site.
  • Better NetSuite syncing: We’ve rebuilt the way we grab your data from NetSuite sites to be much more reliable, and we also now support Commerce Categories for NetSuite SuiteCommerce customers.
  • Eliminating Errors: We have made great strides in reducing how often indexing fails by catching more errors and doing more retries when there are issues.
  • Continued development on our next-generation data fetching tool.

Get your Insights faster than ever

We’ve made some great improvements in how we can optimally crunch data for you to view in Search Insights. Thanks to both database restructuring and page loading optimizations, the report not only loads faster but can allow for slightly larger date ranges to be viewed at a time. Be sure to look at the updated help center article that explains how we get this data.

Also in July 2018…

  • 6 Indexing Improvements (Above)
  • 5 Search Performance Enhancements
  • 3 UX / UI Improvements
  • 1 Relevancy Improvement
  • 10 Bugs Squashed

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