July 2016

This month’s release includes several improvements and bug fixes to search, merchandising and insights.


  • Improved: Product Insights
  • Fixed: Autocomplete not ordering merchandised items correctly
  • Fixed: IntelliSuggest sometimes not promoting products
  • Improved: Merchandising campaign optimizations

Improved: Product Insights

July product-insights


Product Insights received a redesign so that it’s more consistent with the rest of Insights.  Additional reporting improvements were made to provide more accurate product data analytics and insights.

Fixed: Autocomplete not ordering merchandised items correctly

Autocomplete was not correctly ordering Merchandising elevations. This has been fixed so that Autocomplete now shows merchandised products in the correct order.

Fixed: IntelliSuggest sometimes not promoting products

Some sites have not been elevating IntelliSuggest products unless at least one merchandising campaign existed. This has been fixed so IntelliSuggest elevations always occur, regardless of whether merchandising campaigns exist or not.

Improved: Merchandising campaign optimizations

Merchandising campaigns can act unexpectedly when multiple campaigns apply to a search (e.g., searching and applying multiple filters, each of which triggers a different campaign).

We have adjusted our campaign logic to reduce bad behavior and add clarity to merchandising:

  • Search campaigns always take priority
  • Filter campaigns can be applied, but cannot override Search campaigns (so “added products” in Search campaigns will never “disappear” while faceting)
  • If two campaigns are scored the same (e.g., if two filters are selected and each one has an associated campaign), the newer campaign will take priority

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