February 2017

February 2017

New: Searchspring Login Page

We’ve refreshed the Searchspring login page. You’ll start to see some helpful content, such as new features, featured videos, upcoming events, and other announcements. Keep an eye out for these exciting updates.

searchspring february 2017 product update

New: Revenue Insights Beta

Revenue Insights is a new feature that highlights Searchspring’s impact on ecommerce stores. Here’s a helpful explanation on how Searchspring handles Revenue attribution. Our private beta program testers now have access to this exciting feature.

new revenue insights

Improved: Data synchronization progress

When users finish connecting their store to Searchspring, the Data Feed page now provides more clarity into the progress of your data synchronization. This provides transparency into what’s going on behind the scenes, helps assure users that things are moving along, and can help with troubleshooting potential snags.

data feed regen status

Improved: Instant Preview on Product Boosting Rules

When using our new Product Boosting Rules, the effects of each rule you add will now be shown in real time. This gives merchandiser instant feedback on each change they make before clicking “Save”.

february 2017 visual merchandising live preview

Other Changes in February 2017

    • General improvements to the usability of the Visual Merchandising interface


    • Page titles in the Searchspring Console now emphasize which page you’re on, instead of the section


  • New fields on your store will now be automatically added to Searchspring

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