April 2016

This month includes updates to Searchspring’s Relevancy, Merchandising and Insights Suites.  Bulk Merchandising, which was introduced in March, is being renamed to Landing Pages.  We’re excited about how Landing Pages is shaping up!


  • We improved search relevancy for board categories of products
  • IntelliSuggest Event Tracking now supports SKUs with spaces
  • Triggers for Visual Merchandising campaigns are now easier to manage
  • Bulk Merchandising is now Landing Pages and has several new features
  • We continue to refine the Index Status page
  • There’s a new look for Revenue Insights
  • We fixed a bug with Product Finders that sometimes hides available options

Relevancy Improvement: Smarter product classification for better search relevance

Product Awareness, the algorithm that enables Searchspring to group similar items together, received an update this month. This updates improves our natural language processing (NLP) of product text to better identify important phrases like brand names and descriptive product labels.

New: IntelliSuggest Event Tracking supports SKUs with spaces

Several retailers use spaces and special characters in their product SKUs.  IntelliSuggest has never supported these characters so some websites were missing out on valuable IntelliSuggest boosting and Product Recommendations. IntelliSuggest now supports spaces and special characters.

Improved: Triggers for Visual Merchandising are easier to manage

When using Merchandising, both users and Searchspring employees often ask, “When will this merchandising campaign take effect?”

Merchandising campaigns take effect when they match configured “triggers”.  For example, merchandising that should take effect when a shopper searches for “running shoes” would use “running shoes” as a search trigger. Similar triggers can be configured for category pages, or when shoppers use faceted navigation.

To answer this question and make it more obvious, we are adding campaign trigger descriptions to Visual Merchandising campaigns (pictured below; notice the light grey text below the campaign title).

Merch campaign triggers

Additionally, these triggers are fully searchable in the list of campaigns (pictured below), making it significantly easier to identify conflicting campaign triggers.

Merch campaign triggers2

New: Landing Pages (beta)

Landing Pages

Note: Landing Pages was previously called Bulk Merchandising

Based on feedback from beta users, we have made Landing Pages more powerful than ever before. We added:

  1. Support for up to 10,000 products
  2. Pagination for easy navigation
  3. Option to change styles changed to match the new designs featured on our website

Improved: Indexing Status (alpha)

Based on valuable user feedback, we created a new indexing animation to clarify the status of our indexing process. Take a look at the video below to see what it looks like.


New: Revenue Insights (alpha)

In order to make Revenue Insights more helpful, we added several Insight callouts.  Then we also redesigned the page to make it easier to read. This new design will serve as the foundation for similar Insights pages.


Bug fix: Product Finders sometimes hides available options

We found that our Search API was limiting results for hierarchy facets for users on Saluki. When this happens, it leads to erroneous behavior in Product Finders. To fix the problem, we removed the limit on hierarchy facets for users on the Saluki version of the Relevancy Platform.

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