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From hobby to brand the husband and wife team that founded Pink Lily knew both fashion and social media.

Mary Bidwell

Web Specialist for


The husband and wife team that founded Pink Lily knew both fashion and social media industries well, making it difficult for them to resist starting their own business.

After having success on platforms like eBay and Etsy, they decided that running their own site would make more sense.

With more control over how their store was experienced by shoppers, founders Tori and Chris could craft a strong brand identity and scale their business. However, after finalizing their decision to take their store to BigCommerce, they did run into some hurdles.

To be specific, the native search on BigCommerce wasn’t getting the conversion rates Pink Lily’s founders had hoped it would. So after some time, Tori and Chris began to look for better solutions. SearchSpring’s search and autocomplete were able to meet their conversion needs by delivering relevant products for their common searches.

Beyond search, Pink Lily also puts a lot of effort into merchandising their store. They log into the store every day in order to create or modify landing pages, search results, category pages, and view reports.

This hands-on approach allows them to ensure that their shoppers are getting the most engaging and enticing experience possible, and helps them coordinate with marketing.

Since Pink Lily’s merchandising team is so detail oriented, they needed a solution that would be able to keep up with them, and enable them to do more sophisticated work. According to Mary, prior to integrating with SearchSpring, manually sorting 10-15 products would take them up to an hour. Now, using SearchSpring’s drag-and-drop editor, that exact same task takes less than 5 minutes.

In addition to the curated approach, Pink Lily’s merchandising team also experiments with a rules-based automated approach.


Using SearchSpring’s boost rules, Mary is able to create a rule for any search, category page, or landing page that moves out-of-stock products to the last page, ensuring that shoppers aren’t bothered with products that are unavailable. This is just one example how how a boost rule can be used to align with business goals.

Pink Lily also uses SearchSpring’s landing pages feature to quickly create and merchandise pages that can be used in tandem with marketing.

“It’s so nice to be able to create a page and populate it with the correct products within a few minutes. Then we can use a boost rule to sort the products based on our goals. Usually, we’ll use it to ensure that out-of-stock products are on the last page. It makes it much easier to get our site aligned with marketing.”

Mary Bidwell

Web Specialist for

Pink Lily is showing the industry just how much can be done to improve the shopping experience on fashion websites, and it is paying off. They are one of the fastest growing online boutiques today, shipping hundreds of thousands of orders per year.

Pink Lily is one of the fastest growing online boutiques today, shipping hundreds of thousands of orders per year.

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