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Personalized Search and Merchandising

A Search and Merchandising Experience That Feels Like It’s Created Just for Them – Because it is
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Ecommerce Personalized Search and Merchandising adjusts search results pages based on shopper’s previous behavior, improving relevancy and making products easier to find.

The end result? Happier shoppers. A loyal customer base. Higher conversion rates.

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“With the ease of use and clear jump in conversation rate, it was a no-brainer that adding Searchspring’s Personalized Search and Merchandising feature would produce results.”

– Cody Saporito, Marketing Director, Peltz Shoes
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How Does Personalized Search and Merchandising Work?

Are You Tracking?

All Searchspring Ecommerce Personalization requires tracking on their ecommerce site – but not in a “your FBI agent is listening” kind of way. We simply collect info about products and pages a shopper is interested in to provide a better experience. 

Every time a shopper views a product or adds something to their cart, Searchspring’s Ecommerce Personalization learns what they’re looking for and can better predict what they might want to buy. 


What Happens After Personalization Data is Gathered?

When enough data is gathered, we boost products the customer may be more interested in towards the top of their search results page. All search results still remain on the page, but more relevant ones show up first. This creates an all-around better shopper experience.

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