New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!

Personalized Recommendations

Fire up personalized recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter, based on shopper behavior.

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The recommendations you know and love, now enhanced with personalization

Introducing Searchspring’s new and improved product recommendations. Make intelligent suggestions across your entire ecommerce store based on aggregate and individual shopper behavior data. Deliver intuitive shopping experiences, and skyrocket conversions.

Personalized product recommendations are currently under beta release, with a full rollout coming soon.
Join the waitlist if you’d like to participate in the beta program!

personalized product recommendations

Intuitive shopping experiences


Recommend products that an individual shopper is likely to purchase based on their order history and recently viewed items.

Don’t limit recommendations to the PDP. Engage your customers with site-wide suggestions that capture their individual preferences.

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Complementary add-ons


Recommend products that a shopper should consider purchasing in addition to the item currently being viewed. 

Whether it’s a must-have accessory or complementary add-on, help shoppers find the relevant products with ease, while driving increased average order values.

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Recommend alternatives to the product currently being viewed, with the option to up-sell similar items at a higher price point.

Use customer behavioral data to identify individual shopper preferences and show them more of the products they are likely to buy.

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Timely suggestions


Make recommendations based on a shopper’s recently viewed products, and display alternatives to the items they have already shown an interest in. 

Leverage your user data to make in-the-moment recommendations based on the products a shopper is looking for during that particular visit.

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Highlight popular items


Recommend best sellers from across your entire product catalog, or from a specific category, within a rolling window of time.

Keep browsing shoppers and new site visitors engaged with fresh recommendations featuring your best selling and most popular products.

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Control your recommendations


Dictate which products and attributes should be featured in recommendations at any given time. Exclude items that are out of stock or irrelevant to the product being viewed.

Understand the context of your shopper’s journey and browsing behavior to ensure hyper-relevant products are suggested on the right pages.

personalized product recommendations

Boost relevant suggestions


Determine the order of product recommendations based on specific attributes. Prioritize which brand or product category should be recommended first, alongside relevant items. 

Recommend a specific purse to match that particular dress, or boost brands that are commonly purchased together to the top of recommendations.


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“Borsheims uses both Searchspring’s search and merchandising, and 4-Tell’s personalized product recommendations. Shoppers that engage with our current recommendations are four times more likely to convert, with a 35% higher AOV, so we’re excited for the enhanced personalization that 4-Tell’s engine will bring to Searchspring’s solutions.”
Andrew Brabec, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce, Borsheims

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New: Personalized Recommendations that suggest hyper-relevant products in the moments that matter. Learn more!