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Personalization Features

Searchspring Makes it Easy to Personalize the Shopper Experience With Personalization Features

With So Many Personalization Features, You’ll Create the Best Experience Possible for Shoppers

Attribute Rules 

Determine the order of Product Recommendations on specific details. Prioritize which brand or product category to recommend first with relevant items.

Get shoppers to add more to their cart by recommending a specific purse to match that dress, or boost brands often purchased together to the top of recommendations.


Contextual Exclusions 

Recommend specific products in the group that the shopper is already looking at to improve Product Recommendations relevancy. For example, if a shopper is looking at “Sale Dresses”, their recommended items will show only dresses on sale. This improves the shopper experience by showing the shopper items they are actually interested in.


Cross-Sell Recommendations 

Recommend products that a shopper should consider purchasing in addition to the item they are currently viewing to increase conversions.

Whether it’s a must-have accessory or an add-on that just makes sense, guide shoppers to relevant products with ease while driving increased average order values.


Exclusion Rules

You decide which products and attributes should be featured in recommendations. Exclude items that are out of stock or irrelevant to the product being viewed.

Understand the context of the shopper’s journey and browsing behavior to ensure relevant products are suggested on the right pages.



Use real-time targeting to dynamically display relevant results based on a shopper’s location. Customize messaging and promotions by region to accommodate localized shipping policies or sales.

Show shoppers seasonally-appropriate apparel, merchandise for their local sports team, or home and garden products that reflect their local climate for the best relevancy and the happiest customers. 


Personalized Product Recommendations 

Recommend products that an individual shopper is likely to purchase based on order history and recently viewed items. Product Recommendations are your key to higher conversions and building a loyal customer base.

Expand recommendations beyond the product detail page engage customers with site-wide suggestions that capture their individual preferences to deliver the ultimate shopper experience.  

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Personalized Search and Merchandising 

Ecommerce Personalized Search and Merchandising adjusts search results pages based on customers previous shopping behavior. This helps improve relevancy and makes finding products easier to find.

The end result? Happier shoppers. A loyal customer base. Higher conversion rates.  

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Session Recommendations 

Make recommendations based on a shopper’s recently viewed products and display alternatives to the items they have already shown an interest in.

Improve relevancy and conversions by leveraging user data to make in-the-moment recommendations based on products the shopper is looking for during that visit.


Similar Recommendations 

Provide alternative options to the product currently being viewed and up-sell similar items.

Whenever a shopper lands on a product page, increase the likelihood of conversion by showing similar products that may be closer to what they really want  – you can even throw in items at a slightly higher price point to increase average cart value.


Trending Products 

You want more conversions, right? Keep shoppers engaged with fresh recommendations featuring best selling and most popular products.

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