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About Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an open, consumer-facing review community and platform that allows businesses to collect, respond to, analyze, and showcase their customer reviews. Through Trustpilot, businesses can automate the review collection process from their ecommerce platform, asking every single customer for their feedback to result in a much higher number of reviews and a better average rating. And the more customers submit reviews, the better insights the business can pull to better power their other marketing channels.

With over 3 million new reviews posted every month, is the largest and most trusted 3rd party review platform in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Brands that build out and manage their reputation on quickly see benefits in SEO (because is in the top 500 websites visited globally), an increase CTR on paid ads (Trustpilot reviews are counted towards Google Seller Ratings), and ultimately higher conversion rates on site (using our review display widgets to showcase credibility on site).