Searchspring Helps Hat Club Shoppers Find Their Perfect Headwear Style, Reports 13% Increase in Search Conversion Rate

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – July 06, 2020 – Searchspring, a provider of intelligent site search and merchandising solutions for online retailers, today announced Hat Club has boosted their search conversion rate after implementing Searchspring’s Search & Autocomplete and Category Merchandising solutions. 

As a lifestyle brand, Hat Club has tapped into headwear culture through storytelling and community engagement. 

“Other brands can be quite polished and cold in their imagery. When we do photoshoots, it’s more like user-generated content,” said Cameron Parker, Head of Brand, Hat Club. “It’s photos of real people (our customers, in fact) on the street. We tell the story behind each hat and each design. That’s something that really cuts through the competition.”

Translating this concept to Hat Club’s ecommerce store required an intuitive shopping experience that caters to niche customer preferences. From leagues and sports to entertainment and design collectives, Hat Club offers a vast array of product categories for shoppers to contend with, before they even consider color and sizing options.  

“Our native search just wasn’t powerful enough. We needed a solution that would deliver the best results for our customers and make it as quick and easy as possible for them to find what they’re looking for,” said Parker.

Hat Club implemented Searchspring’s Search & Autocomplete and Category Merchandising solutions to support shoppers in their search for highly specific styles. 

  • With Search & Autocomplete, Hat Club can provide real-time product suggestions to help shoppers find what they’re looking for. 
  • Category Merchandising allows for category pages to be customized and easily adjusted based on campaigns or popular products. 
  • Additionally, Searchspring’s analytics allows the Hat Club team to gauge demand for future product development and design.

“Visual merchandising is really useful on our general collection pages. We know, for example, that black and dark shades traditionally sell better than other colors. We also know the Yankees and Dodgers are two of our most searched-for teams,” said Parker. “Setting up rules that allow us to boost and prioritize what the customer wants is definitely something we take advantage of.”

In the first six months of using Searchspring, Hat Club has achieved a conversion rate with search that is 52% higher than without search. As well, Hat Club has increased their search conversion rate by 13% and increased revenue per visit with search by 7%.

“Hat Club taps into the obsessive following of a really niche market in a way that many brands struggle to replicate,” said Dori Salisbury, VP of Customer Success & Strategy, Searchspring. “We’re incredibly excited that Searchspring is helping their customers navigate such a wide variety of styles to quickly find the specific products that they’re so passionate about.”

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Hat Club
Hat Club is the original membership based store of its type. Our first store opened in 1992, filling a small space previously used as a janitor’s closet in a Mesa, Arizona shopping mall. Hat Club is a young dynamic company with NBA star and veteran, Danny Ainge as the first investor. The Hat Club philosophy is simple and straightforward. Hat Club is committed to giving each customer excellent service which encourages and attracts loyalty. 

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