Renew Co + Searchspring Announce Partnership

Renew Co Partners with Searchspring® to Enhance Search for Natural Healthy Concepts and Professional Supplement Center

FRANKLIN, Tenn.Aug. 21, 2023 – Renew Co, a family-owned private equity company focused on health and wellness solutions, has partnered with Searchspring to upgrade its capabilities around merchandising and personalization. Searchsprings’s platform is built exclusively for ecommerce and Renew Co was seeking a solution that offered the ability to increase visibility of Expert Picks highlighted by its full-time, on-staff Licensed Healthcare Practitioners.

“Natural Healthy Concepts and Professional Supplement Center offer over 20,000 SKUs across categories such as vitamins, nutrition and food, digestive health, personal care, and pets,” said Jay Clarke, President of Renew Co, LLC. “With Searchspring embedded into our NetSuite SCA Ecommerce platform, we can now provide a powerful, unique, proven product discovery. This will help us ensure that our websites get the right products in front of the right shoppers with relevant, personalized on-site search results.”

In today’s digitally connected world, consumers are turning to Renew Co to seek health and wellness solutions tailored to their individual needs. With access to a plethora of information at their fingertips, they are able to make informed decisions when purchasing vitamins and supplements. Through reviews, expert opinions, and recommendations directly from our licensed healthcare practitioners, individuals are now empowered to choose products that align with their unique health goals and lifestyles.

“Online shoppers seek relevant, personalized shopping experiences. Being able to help clients like Renew Co-create data-driven personalized experiences and giving them the ability to highlight products they know their customers care about will result in an immediate impact on conversion and basket size,” said Alex Kombos, CEO of Searchspring. “We look forward to being part of Renew Co’s growth by providing best-in-class on-site search, merchandising, and personalization tools that center around improving the overall shopper experience.”

The integration of Searchspring into NetSuite SCA was a custom development project for Renew Co. However, Searchspring has easy, out-of-the box integrations with major shopping platforms such as Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and BigCommerce. Utilizing the Searchspring reporting dashboard, Renew Co can now easily measure important KPIs such as revenue per search and conversion rate per search.

For more information on Renew Co, please contact Matt Kemp or visit For more information on Searchspring, please contact Morgan Early or visit


About Natural Healthy Concepts

Founded in 2004, Natural Healthy Concepts ( has established itself as a trusted source for people on their journey of improving their overall health. NHC believes that the foundation of health and wellness lies in proper nutrition and licensed practitioner guided supplementation as needed. NHC assists customers looking for support throughout their journey of achieving optimal health and wellness.


About Searchspring

Searchspring delivers the ultimate shopping experience. As the #1 search, merchandising, and personalization platform built exclusively for ecommerce, Searchspring enables brands to get the right product, to the right person, at the right time. With Searchspring, customers such as Chubbies, Pura Vida, Moen, Fabletics, Peet’s Coffee, SKIMS, West Elm, Specialized, Wildfang, and Ripcurl are increasing cart size, conversion, and repeat customers. Founded in 2007, Searchspring has offices in San AntonioDenverToronto, Krakow, and Sydney. Learn how Searchspring is helping ecommerce businesses thrive at


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