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Merchandising Campaigns

Create Custom Landing Pages to Feature a Collection or Create a Global Campaign Across the Entire Site. Whatever Your Goals Are, Customize Your Site to Work for YOU.
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Merchandising campaigns help you stand out from the competition. With set-it-and-forget-it scheduling, you can create dynamic campaigns across the entire site or custom landing pages to feature specific collections.

Campaigns make it easy to integrate marketing and ecommerce strategies to reach your goals and provide the ultimate shopper experience.

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“Being able to use Merchandising Campaigns and landing pages has been one of the top drivers of growth in our online business. As well as increasing sales, we’ve also seen improvements in our online engagement.”

– John Mueller, Ecommerce Manager, Hartville Hardware
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How Do Merchandising Campaigns Work?

We’re Triggered

Campaigns work by utilizing a trigger. Triggers are terms that prompt a campaign to fire and dictate what products appear. You can customize the items that appear based on the trigger whether it be adding, removing, or rearranging the products.


Global Campaigns: Across Entire Site

Save time by going global and feature what should be featured across your entire ecommerce site. Global Campaigns are a perfect solution to feature sale items, new products, and collections. 


Landing Pages: Create a Dedicated Page For Specific Products

Create landing pages to align with marketing campaigns. Once your page is created, specify products that you want to appear and place them on the page with a single click.

Easily add banners for your sale or promotion, then publish the page with a shareable link.



By default, campaigns go into effect immediately and don’t end until they are deleted. However, Searchspring makes it easy to schedule the start and end of campaigns. Take the manual process out of Merchandising Campaigns and use Searchspring’s scheduling tool to set them for specific dates and times.


A/B Testing

With A/B Testing you get to test and compare up to 5 different variations on a single Merchandising Campaign. Use the results to figure out what works and what doesn’t to make your site better and provide a shopper experience that works.

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